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Oh yea, i got that. Thanks <3

aww i loved this.

Of course! Love your work btw

How do i empty the litter box?

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Omg. i loved this! I (think i) got one of the good endings, where me and Sadie go to the anime convention. Thanks so much to the maker for sharing their story. 

i gave him the tv. so that works too

Hello! Thought i post this because this is such a good game.  Nicky Case! did such a great job on this. i don't have anxiety, but yet, i still clicked on this, and played this. It is a great representation of anxiety and how to deal with it, and i highly recommend this for anyone.

Adventures With Anxiety

You need to look at the note on his desk. i had that problem too.

Cute! i love the detective vide, and music, and i'm all ears for busting a criminal. Lol, thank you so much for making this game. 10/10

How did you make those dots?

lol who made this? it's an amazing game btw. loved it.

Loved this game! i'd love to help play test f there's an open spot!

i agree. Could you please make a sequel/prequel? Or something of the like. : )

I felt a lot of feelings playing this. Fear,  love,  sadness. It hurts to lose the ones you love. And Goodnight Meowmie sums it up perfectly. Thank you.

i also had a suggestion to make a sequel type game to this. Similar,  but with a dog. You could call it goodnight doggie. But that's just an idea... <3

Case 4? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know a lot of people would agree that this needs more episodes because it's so amazing!

CASE 4: The Hyacinth Stealer: Olive is taking all the water hyacinths from the pond to their humans, leaving the pond empty so that Oak can't fish (for water hyacinths) anymore. This is based off of my old cats, and the pond (filled with water hyacinths) that i used to have in my yard. Also, olive and Oak were brothers, and they had a sister named lilac, who was a lighter colored version of Oak, with tiny orange spots in some places, if you wanted to include her <3.

Plaintiff: Oak; a dark and light brown tabby, with a white chest.

Defendant: Olive; a black cat with a tiny bit of white on his chest.

If you can, please turn this into another episode of Catroom Drama!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woah. this is amazing.

Aww. i loved this. ❤

Sweet and simple. This is a great beat/game to relax to.

i agree w/ Eric! great work!