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creepy and weird, and very cool. loved this game, and the ending was kinda sweet? very nice point and click.

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aw didnt even get to learn his name...

freaking wonderful game, and gorgeous art ^u^ !!!!

So cute! The duck kinda reminds me of Ducky Momo lol. And the puzzles are delightfully challenging <3

enjoyed this quite a bit! 10/10, this was very fun to play around with.

loved this! the art is gorge, and the gameplay is quite fun :) 10/10

This was so cute! 11/10 <333

Absolutely wonderful little game >3333 Loved the look of the 3d pixel landscape with the 2d characters, and I had a lot of fun solving the puzzles!!!

Adorable game! But does anyone know how to get the Mushroom Queen Ending?

Never mind! For anyone wondering, it's Tab (on a keyboard at least)

Lovely game! Not sure how to rotate objects though, any tips?

Adorable!!! <33

Cute game! Can't wait for more chapters to come out :) <33

Extremely sweet game! The puzzles were fun to play through and the storyline is absolutely adorable, as well as the art!! Loved playing, 10000/10 <333

wonderful. enjoyed throwing stuff at the printer. great game.

SO EXCITED!!!! I absolutely LOVE this story and I'm absolutely ecstatic about the possibility of merch! It's amazing that you were nominated for an Ursa Major award, and I wish I could nominate your game 1000 times. Good luck! <333

I got the kiss, but you know I'm gonna have to get the other 31 endings now too! Wonderful story <3

This was a wonderful game and I really loved it!! The artwork is very pretty <3

really sweet! Loved it <3

v cute lil' game! love the art :)

cute game! <3

Okay, thank you! Wonderful game by the way :)

<3 Gay Lion has my heart rn 

Gay cliches <3 <3

gorge little gay game!! But any tips for getting Isabell's ending? 

What you have in this game so far is so amazing and sweet!!! 

gorge!! Both the art and the story are incredible. Wonderful work :) <3 <3 <3

aww cute! v nice game <3

Aww, this was sweet! Distracting tho, I still gotta do dishes.

Aww~ I was v happy to find a sequel to this game, and I think it's just as good as the original!

I loved this game emenslly!!! The art and story had my hooked and the soundtrack is stunning!! I honestly can't express how much I love your work and characters! Might have to draw these two some time 🖌
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Beautiful little game with nice art and a fun storyline! Very much enjoyed :)

This game is a masterpiece! I love the art, but feel bad for the other clowns, especially Ms. strech :(

Might have to make some fanart tho! <3

This game is really awesome!! I luv the art and its super cool how its one big map instead of levels! Plus I love that it shows your time at the end!

This game is beautiful and I just finished all of the endings!! Great work!!! <3 <3 <3

This is so sweet and sad but amazing game nonetheless!! <2

this was so cute that i played it 3 times! <3 <3 <3

super pretty!! Game is overall really sweet and i might have to play it again just to see the different endings! nice work my dude <3

Wow!!! This is a beautiful game and I really enjoyed it (although I wish I hadn't gotten so distracted playing it because I really need to get back to work). Thank you for this! Music & Art are extremely pretty! Gameplay is amaze!! Rock on!! (P.S. Thank you for creating Worf he is adorable :) <3 <3 <3)

Oh yea, i got that. Thanks <3

aww i loved this.