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can you make it so if we have glue with us when we find a "cracked vessel" of some sort we can repair it so we can take it home instead of just smashing them? i think getting free large clay pots by using some glue would make sense. make this also work on the "damaged crates" and other such storage items too please!!! 

would it be possible to add an item that lets you scoop out spoiled food out of containers without having to wait until it fully rots? i don't know what you would call it but i deem it to be somewhat needed for those who make tons of food or just tend to forget to finish off a full crock. just a suggestion.

if there is butter in the game are there any plans on a windmill powered butter churn? i think it would be a cool addition to the game and also another source of dairy. even a hand churned butter maker for early dairy needs would be awesome!!! maybe base it of of the quern or the fruit press.

this game needs kabobs. that would be another food to cook at a firepit. the mix and match possibilities for kabobs are many and varied.

this game needs grapes. it already has vines so adding another vine-type plant that has fruit on it should not be to hard i believe. since it has a winepress this has to be something that will most likely be added in the future i think. plus then we can make real vineyards not just faux ones from berry bushes!!

the water areas really need more lifeforms added to maybe seals or walrus or tuna schools. but i have faith that that will be remedied in the future updates at some point.

dang it. its not free anymore.

well if i am ever able to get this game and a pc that can run it i will look you up for some coop if you are interested.

would it be possible to add clams or oysters to the game? and maybe make them able to be found be panning gravel/sand/etc that are UNDERWATER only? the shells would also be another good source of lime for leather tanning!! 

would it be possible to add the ability to eat berries DIRECTLY off the bushes when hands are full? this way if you are starving you don't have to drop stuff to eat in an emergency.  this could also work with mushrooms.

any plans on adding birds like ducks and turkeys and geese. the lack of flying stuff does seem a bit weird. maybe even cave bats. or eagles.

i was looking at the recipe for candles and saw it needs 3 wax. i think it would be better with 2 wax and 1 flax twine or 1 rope for a wick. just my opinion but wax does seem a bit hard to get.

if you haven't already done it then please add the ability to "farm mushrooms" on log planters". i am thinking say soak some logs and put in a cellar and water with the watering can once a day.  this will get mushrooms once every 5-7 days maybe.

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from what i understand is that if you buy it HERE the amount that is OVER the 18$ of the other site is what gets for selling it here so if you buy this on the OTHER site you buy DIRECTLY from the ones who made it so it is cheaper to buy from their site since they don't need to pay anyone else. i may be wrong.

it turns out my PC is actually just way to crap. so it is just a ME problem unfortunately. oh well. ONE DAY I WILL OWN THIS GAME AND PLAY IT!!!!

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does planting berry bushes and fruit/other trees on terra preta make them mature faster or is it only crops?

i tried to play "Vintage Story Classic" yesterday but it will not run. does it even still work anymore or is it not even supported. i can't afford the full game yet and want to try it but so far even the "Classic" version won't function for me. please help me TYRON!!!!! i got a 32 bit potato pc so i need this to work for me!!!

i just downloaded this. but it won't start. what are the specs for this. i own a potato pc so i was hoping this would run on it.

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i have been watching play this and i was wondering if you can add a SPIGOT item into the game so we can tap PINE trees for RESIN and maybe SYRUP from MAPLE trees. RESIN is such a pain to get and adding SYRUP to the game would be cool cuz then you could add things like PANCAKES.

well that is nice that it COMES WITH a steam key. its like getting 2 copies of the game almost

this looks amazing and adorable at the same time.

nurse room ain't lockers either.

don't worry. just do it right is all we care about. if it takes longer then so be it. we thank you for all of your efforts.

or do a certain days certain rooms are open thing

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you should do the gym. tentacle-sex under the bleachers maybe or storage room. 

maybe even sex under the cafeteria tables lol

average session is a few minutes? wow. people must give up really easy on this game.

slow and steady beats quick and clumsy. great work takes time.

if you gotta scrap it then take what you got and salvage it for use in the soda game.

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i say contact them and ask if this was a legit complaint and NOT a scammer being an asshole. cuz why quit if this is a false alarm. they may not even be AWARE of this issue right now and do not know they are being impersonated.

lol megaman in the ochako suit.

wtf? this is by the guys who made CRAWL? man is this a different feel for a game from those guys!!

where is cactus farmer if this is the sequel?

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So this is gonna be less of a {Harvest Moon} and more of a (Harvest Moonshine) lol. It looks  interesting. I can't wait to try it out.

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Also what about task related kill animations like if killed while doing wires you get shoved into it and get electrocuted.

Any chance of doing a Fazbear's pizza type level? Think about it. Stuff to fix, bad lighting,  and vents.  If not exactly Fazbear's pizza then maybe a pizza planet type of map like in toy story. You get what I mean right?

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in summit their are dart traps that put you to sleep. Their are not many but they are in summit. The dart traps I got hit by was really close to the beginning of the summit area as in when you start to explore the zone but haven't seen much of it yet. They are easy to avoid but if you do get hit you are boned if a creature gets you while you are down.

i have had the game have action frame issues in summit if you get hit with a sleep dart and fall asleep. if an enemy attacks you while you are out cold your animation frames are now all out of whack and stay that way even on the screen after you change rooms. Also i have noticed that if you have big TITS and get attacked while jumping out of water the game pretty much freezes. i dont know if these are new to you but i brought them up anyway cuz i found them today.

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It might have been better to add harmless tiny insects or birds in the background instead of moving vines to make the game seem more alive. At least I think so but nice touch anyway.

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I was thinking what about adding some new monster type into the game. it would also have a puzzle mechanic as a reason for being added.  for example ...little rat type or slug type creatures that push buttons if you feed them. the only ways to feed them are thru BE mode so those Vines would need to be nearby or without BE mode just masturbate to get them to suck on you. after they are satisfied they go back to their holes where the buttons are which gets them pressed for you. even better if they swarm you for a feeding gangbang buffet.If you have ever played games like XENOTAKE then you know then kind behavior they could have tho i would make them non-hostile. Please let me know if you like this or not even if you dont use it in this one maybe use in another one.  signed Ijkdenem

I would add harem to the genre listings