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Hey if no-one else is sleeping, I'll introduce myself too ;)

I'm Ian Lewis, Founder of Giant Margarita and Lecturer at UTAS focussing primarily on our Games and Creative Technology major.

I'm a self-taught programmer who started creating games all the way back on the BBC Micro B, C64, Amiga, ... *a blur of other machines pass by* ... , until now primarily focussing in Unity. We've released two games already, Save the Teenies for iOS and Android (shameless plug #1), and Party Golf for Ouya, PC, soon to be on Forge, and hopefully on PS4 in the future (shameless plug #2). We also have two other as yet unreleased games, Pushover (a procedurally generated puzzle game) and Baggage Handler (as Party Golf was, the fruit of an internal Games Jam).

Oh and to answer Ducky's questions: I answered that; almost everything (but meh to RTSes); ideas, programming, and some programmer art; the collaborative spirit; 100 oh-so-kickable duck-sized horses; and duh, banana :)

Looking forward to meeting all the people I haven't met yet over the weekend :D