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A member registered Jul 26, 2021

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i cant play it ;-; 0/10

could you do a level 2? like getting them fully out of the building

i hope its soon!

love it please do more levels

how do i get past lvl 2

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what do you do after i find him

how do i get past level 5?????

i cant get past level 4

i was stuck o the "ahhhh i dont want to get out of bed" part i did not know  i could move my mouse and click on other things

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im on edge and i cant get past the first one

edit: nvm

are you sure you added a game to dis???

right, she/he/they should add a download spot to download it she/he/they prob want money for it lol, but not likely lagit it looks soo cool but you can't download it :( if she/he/they see this plz add it we despret to download iiiitttttttttt :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

help plz...

how do you play