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Got it (Sorry i've been gone for a while doing some stuff) I give u some information on how my computer handles your game and I will also give u some information on what type of computer i am using so you can have an idea of what graphic changes you can do. Thank You

EDIT: My computer graphics system is a - AMD E-300 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics- exact words. I'll try to show u a game play of how my game handles your game also I will try and show you how much CPU it consumes for me to play it. hope you see this message its been a brief while since I replied. Also I hope you publish this game on steam that would be GREAT I would totally pay for this. Please keep making more content for this its great.

OMG it is so good I love it soo much but is it possible that u cna add like a low detail mode that makes everything more smoother for low-end computers like me. BTW I would pay like atleast 7$ for this so good