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Hey, thanks for playing ! 

Here's the book, but I don't know if there is an English version of it.

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Hey, thanks a lot for playing our game :p

Gamagora is actually a french video game school and this is a student project so obviously... the game is in french ! Sorry for that !

There is quite a lot to say, even if you made it well without understanding anything !

The height of the bar in the back of the guys is the health, and the color symbolises "how many damages per seconds" they take

Some characters have specfifc habilities (they dash or give you information about the wind incoming). You can differentiate the character with the symbol in the back. Put a character ahead of the formation and press Y to activate the power.

What you call a "puzzle" is actualy a phase where you can revive your guys and improve them with points.

Even with those information, the game will be hard to play if you don't speak french :p 

All the gameplay is to get the right information at the right moment to avoid the wind damages. You can rest behind rocks, wait until the big gust goes away and run. You can use your specialist to get informations about what is coming.

You experienced a bug when you fall, it's not supposed to happen actually.

Oh and the game is not optimised, yes we know that, it's just a proof of concept.

Thanks again !

Are you playing with an xbox pad ? Did you checked the controls in the options ?