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Thank you for working so hard , I hope you are taking care of yourself too!

Have a great week and lot of fun!

Thank you for the detaliated work you put in this project !

Hope you are doing fine and dont forget to prioritize  youself!

Thank you for the effort put in this project ! Hope everything  will work for you and dont forget to take care of yourself!

Thank you very much for the advice . I hope you have a  wonderful day!

My shroud is at level 0 and my character is at level 21. 

Thank you for the work put in the game. I have a difficulty , I am now learning to use shroud for the first time and I cant advance at all . The game shows me the same fight scene , I even used the skill 100 times and it did nothing.  Sorry if I bothered you. Have a nice day!

Thank you for the work put in the game. Hope you have a wonderful day !

It is very realistic, thank you for your work and patience . have a nice day.