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I think the reality of a digital object is different from that of a material object. To me, a digital object seems to exist more as a concept than as a material form. Because I am always aware that its existence is tenuous and temporary, I don't feel bad pulling the plug on it. However this isn't only because the object is disposable, but also because it is infinitely reproducible. I can open the program again at any time and conjure an object which is, for all intents and purposes the same object. So it never truly feels like I am destroying the object in a permanent sense as would be the case with an object made of wood or flesh.

Not bad! I think the highest score I've seen for this build is in the 700,000s.

Nice! It would be cool to see a game that combines the objective based gameplay of this game with the physics/audio chaos of your 'digital toys' like smile while and feelings game.

Fun cacophonous toy chest! It was really fun to drag everything around and see what visuals I could create. I kind of wished I could create even more items more rapidly and really see them start to jostle each other around!

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Great question! Let's say there are 5 aspects of your life (though in reality there are many more than that). Every time you press the button, one of those 5 aspects is selected at random and is increased by one 'improvement unit'. If, on a subsequent press, the same aspect is randomly selected and increased, then that aspect is now at 2 improvement units. So the same aspect of your life can be improved more than once, and the effect is cumulative. This is why it is advantageous to press the button as many times and as quickly as possible.

Nah, it should work in Chrome. I'll look into it. Thanks for the info!

Thanks for giving it a shot though! Can I ask what browser you're using?

This is a great flickgame! Excellently organized. Love the drawings, especially seeing the dude's facial expressions.