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Im glad you enjoyed it, Thanks for the feedback to! 

This is really fun :) Playing from the enemy side is unique XD 

I really like this art style :) I also like the idea of giving up health to save others, my criteque would just be t hat the second level is a bit hard, other than that its a really nice game :)

I really like this idea, the art style is very unique as well, im looking forward to seeing more of this game if you continue development :)

So unique I really like this game, it really makes you think

This game was really cute :) the art is nice and its a very unique type of game! if i had to criteque it was just a little hard to figure out at first, otherwise a very nice game  :)

Thank you for the feedback!!

I might revist this idea in the future actually, I wanted to do more hazards to avoid but I did everything like the art and sound effects myself and tbh didn't have much time so this was about as much as I could do 😂 I definitely might update it in the future though

This is a nice and fun game, although its a little difficult, although it may be meant to be that way, but I think it would be nice to have some checkpoints along the way :)

also something small, I really enjoy the music and graphics of this game!

hi, im not exactly sure how to run the game? i have a .rar file but my computer doesnt know what to do with it XD

Really unique concept!! even decently polished in this state. I had a lot of fun playing this, it would be cool with checkpoints and more levels progressively getting more and more hecktic, maybe you already have ideas for the game though XD overall very nice game! especially for being made in a week

I think so XD the highest ive gotten while developing it is 46

DodgeBull is my game for the low tier game jam.