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SpriteMancer community · Created a new topic Version check?

The zip file version name is but when you run the program it says, did you forget to pack the zip file with the newest version or did you name the zip file the wrong version number?

The RPG Maker MV and VX folders are missing in the new update

I think there is a mistake on Chest08.png with the light beam to the left and right

In your new upload “concert (improved glow stripes).zip” you are missing the sparkles folder with $twinkle_blue, $twinkle_green and so on

Please put in the description about how much you have to pay in order to have the Commercial License rights

It's alright, keep the money, you are doing a great work :)

I'm sure I will be buying additional voice packs.

Yes my email is:

Thank you and merry christmas :)

I just purchased all 3 packs separated yesterday, I don't need any refund, you are doing a great job so keep the money, but I would like you to unlock this bundle on my account. Have a great day and best regards from here

Thanks for your help :)

CFIT_Elemental_Dungeon_E_Without_Thrones.png is missing in 32px + VXACE in your new upload

Hello Mega Tiles,

I have got your Dungeons, Overworld and Worldmap by the Humble Bundle Fresh Start Game Dev Assets, is it possible that you can add me to your products on so I can download the updated versions? If you want confirmation that I actually have purchased it, then tell me your email address and I can show you there.

Have a nice day and keep up your good work.

That would be very appreciated :)

How do you change palettes with your own custom colors? (Without using one of Lospec's) And can you do it offline too?

Thanks again for your fast support, I'm going to buy this then :)

Thanks for your help, I didn't notice

Will this be put in the Everything Bundle like the Spirit of Egypt got or do you have to purchase this seperated?

Thanks for the fast support, it works now :)

Hello KR,

I have just purchased your Everything Bundle, and I'm downloading and extracting every package at the moment, and I just found an error, when I extract then I get the error message "The archive is corrupt", all files except the "Underwater_Outside_A4.png" gets extracted, can you re-upload a working file?

Hello, the program crashes when you go into the tab "Burst" and right click on "Vertical" or any of the others, and then click the cancel button, then the program makes an error box and then exits the program.