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¡Perfecto! No puedo esperar a verlo xD

I'll keep and eye on your profile to see if you do it to follow you. Thanks again for developing such a unique experience!

By your name I'll guess that you are Spanish speaking like I am. Cada vez más juegos de miedo vienen de manos de hispanoparlantes y estoy impresionado con el gran talento detrás de ellos.

¡Buen trabajo!

Awesome game Juan. Is very unique and immersive. Thanks for developing it. I can see that you put a lot of effort into it just seeing the level of detail and how well polished it is. Do you have Twitter?

Here's my gameplay:

Gracias a ti por estar desarrollando este juego!


Hello, I played the demo and it looks pretty interesting. 

Here's my gameplay of it:

Great demo, looking forward for the full game to discover more!

I need to play Concluse 1 to catch up.

Awesome short horror game, great job!

The only inconvenience, is that I wish that it was 4 hours long  :)

Here's a gameplay of it in 4K for the ones that can't play it themselves:

Where's the full game?