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Nice! I just saw your message now and already downloaded it on my Android ;)

ohh, I couldn't rate it. but this is one of the most creatives entries that i seen in this jam. great work!

excellent work!

super cool and blow minding :O

nice! :D

awesome graphics and very interesting gameplay. 

it's kinda of hard, but it's cool :D

took me a while to get used and not die in the first two. but now, my best is 9.
it is hard, but cool! nice graphics and sound effects.

i played again after a few beers and it was crazy! hahahaha much harder, but cool!! xD

hi, Jacob. thanks for your comment about my flappyjam game. 

there are so many games in this jam that i couldn't play yours before. but now i played it and i liked the 'psychodelic' concept hehehe. also, i played your other games and they are pretty nice ;)

hahaha cool ... I played 3 times, but didn't survive in any attempt :P

cannonballs!!! hahaha excellent idea!

I like to take the risk and i use them to open the way.

very nice work :))

wow! i guess i'll never be on the top5 leaderboard. my high score so far is 6... i suck hahaha :'

And thanks for answering my comment :D

I already answered via twitter, but thanks again for your comments.
And the problem mentioned by Unept has been fixed.

cool game and creative gameplay :D

the idea is nice, but I would have liked that the white elements also had the 8bit style. and the black background of html page causes a bit of confusion and does not allow to distinguish well the limits of the game margins.

I already knew your games, and I enjoyed them a lot. This one was no exception, it is excellent. Nice graphics, sounds effects and gameplay :))

hahahahah it's funny. 

sometimes he makes a super jump that I can't control.

nice winter concept and cool 8bit graphics.

a little hard, but after a while i got used to. 

my best so far is 25.

it is very hard!! but i liked the concept. also, nice graphics and cool animation when the bird dies.

Beautiful art work and the music goes very well with the context.
Also, i liked the "Your-Best-Score-Ghost" :))


nice work. good art style.

the funny thing is that when the mouse dies, sounds like a cat. hehehe

I liked the concept. I think you could work more on it and get even better.

this is so relaxing... everytime i die, i take a few seconds to respawn haha.

very good graphics style!! good music and animations.

this is a game with many good elements: graphics, music, sound effects, gameplay, etc. excellent work!

Demorei pra entender, mas depois peguei a manha e acostumei. Até agora meu máximo foi 10 :P

Tá bem bacana. Parabéns!

... i forgot to say, but the gameplay (the world turning and tube moving) is very interesting. and i'm sad because i lose my hat when i close the window :'

cool!! nice graphics style and music.

i got the Troubadour Hat :D

a little weird ... but funny at the same time.
try to export the audio with better quality.

super cool!! excellent work :D

nice graphics. kinda of hard. 

i liked the "z z z..." hahaha

kinda of hard... but super creative!
i got 1 but i'll try to get more!! haha

WHAAAAT?! hahaha

funny... and frustrating :P

cool! it reminds me the music and sounds of ToeJam & Earl.
would be nice if has a high-score.

I would say the same as Daniel said heheh
In the video looks very cool, but would I like to play it on win, web or android :))

great work!!

so funny his mom screaming haha

good graphics and music, but I suppose it still is not finished.
where are my points??? :P

aww, poor boy :'

that is really hard!! in the beginning, i thought that i couldn't pass through the first tube, but i made 3 points \o/ yeyyy!!

cool idea and I like that it has different levels of difficulty ;)