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you need to put the toppings on in a specific order, the honey first, then the ice cream, then the cookies. im not sure exactly whats happening, but that might be it? 

what i do is: cook the toast then put it in a plate, then put on the honey, icecream, the cookies, then serve

unexpectantly wholesome, 10/10

i have no idea what happened, a bit difficult at the start but eventually my pjsekai brain went brrr and spedran it somehow, no idea what just happened but good overall

idk about these previous recipes but purple slime, brainstorm, and dragon scale has been great

Love the game, simple concept yet very addicting :D

A few recipes I made:

Vinegar, Purple slime, Red slime

Owl feather, Daffodil, 9th Life

Orchid, Hemlock, Tincture of boredom

Vinegar, Pepperjack, Pepperjack

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I was panicking at the last words ngl, they kept giving me the one where you needed to make the rice, nori, and egg too lol

(first try too :D)

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amazing game, 10/10

Funny and sort of stressful game, 12/10

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This is a really cute story, and I enjoy the notes, sketches, and story! 10/10, would recommend.

Got the bad ending on the first run through, I was getting slightly startled at the jumpscares and "ink blots", but the rest I was fine with. (Don't ask) 9/10

At first, my autophobia (fear of being alone) was going insane, but then I got a bit more confident and it turned out to be a funny, yet still terrifying experience! 10/10

An amazing, cute, and sad game. I hope I come across more games like this in the future. :]

Four words.

good soup

I've played this like five times, and I will say, it is much less scary when you know what's going on and your friend is playing Christmas music.

The only way I know to end it is finish reading the books

Warning: Don't connect every single star together


This is so cute, and it's really calming! It helps me focus and give me something to look at and relieve my stress! But I would like to have it so we can do more with it ;w;

A nice, short and fun game! It was a bit creepy but it was really fun to play!


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Thanks for the warning ;w; I have autophobia so when I'm alone and not distracted I always check behind me or someone/something, so this is really helpful to know lol