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The winners are announced on the main page! It has already been updated with the results. 

There is no advertised date as of yet. 

In about 3 weeks - voting will close after two, and then the judges will finalize their picks within 1 week after that, at which point the winner will be announced.

Unfortunately, you still would not be able to compete for the prize if you are under 18 years old.

You can still participate, you just won't be eligible to win any of the prizes (due to legal restrictions).

You can use any game engine to develop the game, but it needs to be able to integrate with Backtrace to be eligible for the prize. You'll have to manually integrate it with Backtrace -  See here for user documentation / integration guides.

Your entry does need to integrate with Backtrace, there's a guide here:

If you're still having troubles with the integration, I recommend joining the Discord and going to the technical support channel.  

You are welcome to participate, but only those 18 and older can win the prizes.

Yes, you are welcome to submit your game to both as long as you integrate Backtrace for this one. 

You are welcome to submit multiple games if you can create them all within the time period of the jam. 

Yes, you are welcome to use asset store assets if you have the proper rights. 

To clarify, any winners who will not be able to be shipped a PS5 will instead receive a debit gift card for an equivalent amount through their email instead. So there is still a prize to be had! 

You will be submitting through as usual: 

When the jam enters the submission period people who want to enter the jam can navigate to the jam’s page to find a submit button. This brings up a game submission dialog where you can choose from games you've created on to submit. If you haven’t uploaded your game yet you'll be guided through the process.

Because jam submissions are project pages, you get all the features that provides. Your files and screenshots are hosted, and you can design a custom game page. A nice side effect of submitting to a jam on is that you automatically now have a nice page containing your game ready to be shared and distributed.

You need to reapply, but you will not lose your guarantee for a mentor. 

You can sign-up for the survey without a team and then use these forums and the IGDA Discord to find team members. Once you find team-mates, just sign-up again for a mentor through the form. 

The sign-up form will remain active throughout the jam, but we cannot promise mentors to teams who sign-up after today. 

Yes, you can add more members up until the final submission!