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Awesome job!

Spooky, glad to see you're still making games!

I thought I recognized your style! You made a really fun game here, also very spooky. The mechanics were all well implemented and nice to switch between!

Good stuff, really love the atmosphere you created. The map was lit really well too!

Damn, this is really cool. The juxtaposition between 2d and 3d is awesome!

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The monster you made is really cool looking, good animations too. Can't wait to see it fully fleshed out!

Really cute game, I love the atmosphere that you put together, you have a good sense of art direction and cohesion.  I recorded my first playthrough, no commentary. I think i'll try out Super Shooter next! :)

Hell yeah, awesome updates!

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Just to elaborate a little more, I loved the pace of it, the literal sinking feeling was great. The dialogue was engaging, I enjoyed the thoughts of the main character. After the "event" happened, I didn't know where to go for a few minutes. I kept going up thinking that was where I needed to go. Maybe put a lower ceiling on that part so that you cant lose sight of the ground with your flashlight. I found the trail shortly after I realized that up wasn't my direction. Ending was great, very nice design all around. I'll definitely be following your future games! (loved visitor too!)

very good!

This was a really neat idea! Love to see it more fleshed out in some way.

This was really interesting, i've been wanting to learn how to make something in this engine, I think this may push me to go for it!

What about the newgrounds version or the web version in

Wow, this game changed my life.

I love this, it was so cute!

Just played it in VR, wow that is a wild feeling.