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Stefano makes the best intros. Mark got what was coming to him LMAO Bravo, once again.

Silent Hill is my favorite series and this brought so many good vibes. Had a great time experiencing this game!

Stefano, you do an amazing job at bringing nostalgia back for these classic horror games based off the movies. Id pay $70 for a full release on a game like this. Great job! 


The fact that I live in Clermont County should explain itself LMAO I loved the movies and this game brought a little nostalgia back for me. Thank you Stefano and how did you know I live in Clermont County LOL I never thought to this day I would see a game based off a county I live in. Fun fact, Wrong Turn (2019 and 2021) some scene were filmed in Clermont County! Heres my playthrough - 

Could be an Armageddon sequel of landing on a giant crater with Jake trying to save Earth lmao the possibilities are endless with this team and I cannot appreciate the quality and consistent content they push out. 

It really is amazing how fast this team produces quality and entertaining games. Unfortunately, no ones getting laid tonight. Check out my gameplay if interested - 

maybe upgrade your pc

Im very excited for the full release! I love these PSX style horror games. It really brings back good memories from my childhood. Keep up the great work! 

Great game! Surprised by a free game with voice acting! Good luck in the future dev!

I played the demo and it had potential. The full game fulfilled expectations and loved it. Great job! 

The story was awesome. The main characters voice made me crack up in the beginning. Love how you turn asimple PSX style horror game into a game thats driven deep into plot with how short it is. Great job! 

Scariest short horror game ever!? The fact this was made in A DAY is astonishing. 

616 Games produces quality games so quick 

Awesome game. Its amazing what you accomplished in the short amount of time. Props to you and hope to see more games from you in the future. The fog at the cemetery really gave off silent hill vibes and I loved that. 

I absolutely love this game. This dev earned a lot of clout and well deserved respect <3 The Babylirious game was phenomenal as well. Bravo sir <3

Great atmosphere and this game taught me not to trust jobs from craigslist xD Good stuff <3 

A very unique experience being in a bunker during WW2! I loved the voice acting at the end and gave a nice plot element to a short and sweet experience. Great work! 

Very excited to see more from this dev. A beautifully made game that delivers in atmosphere and ambience. Looking forward to more!

An awesome game all around! I am so impressed by the plot twist at the end and the ambience throughout. The fact you made this in a week is an accomplishment itself. Great job!!!!

Game starts at 15:10 in the video. A short but sweet experience. I love the potential it had and hoping to see more from this dev.

Game starts at 3:20 . I enjoyed this experience and the game took a dark turn, really fast LOL I suggest watching Markiplier play this because its a fantastic laugh. Great job dev! 

A short and definitely unique game. This reminded me of playing Temple Run back in the day! Good job.

Short and beautiful experience. I love the detail of being able to open text messages while exploring the house and doing objectives. I love that there are multiple endings and "that" jump scare really got me! Episode 2 was also a huge upgrade and Rayll has been DELIVERING. BRAVO and keep it up! 

Who would trust a random slide in the middle of the night? I sure wouldnt lmao but excellent game! I love the art style and the ambience throughout. 

Creeper starts at 6:00 . I really enjoyed this. I love how unique this experience was and the multitasking was original. You play a game inside of a game while trying not to get caught! There were so many unique sounds and places she popped up. I appreciate the number of places she could've been. Bravo!

A beautifully made game that was created in a short amount of time for a game jam. The extra detail of being able to interact with every NPC in the opening setting was awesome. Little detail like that goes a long way for a game. Great job on this short experience and good luck on your next development!

A huge upgrade from the first episode. I really love the progress this developer has taken and the next installment is going to be even better. A lot more story to this episode and many interactions. The art style of the game is unique and really delivered. Thank you for an amazing episode.

Definitely had FNAF jump scare feels to it. Short and sweet game! This has a lot of potential and excited to see more of your work. Great work!!

Imagine saying this game was "pretty shit and boring" then posting your shit vod here in the comments. These developers work really hard to provide us with free to play (donatable) games for us to enjoy. Hard criticism can be accepted and these devs can handle it but to straight up say this game was shit and post your video here for views? Weird flex, but ok

Why was this so enjoyable!? Its definitely a fun game! Short and sweet :)