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I Evans

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That was so fun! I enjoyed the wanton destruction and especially GUN.

What an amazing adventure!

This is such a cute and fun little game! I love the artwork and also the workout my brain is getting :D

oof, that hit a bit too close to home. Was good, though!

So cute and so fun!

I checked this out because I was looking for Bitsy games and I love the Beatles. I wasn't expecting to find such a moving little game, but I'm glad I did! I hope you and your loved ones are all as well as they can be, and thank you for creating Bitsy.

Nevermind, I finished it! Awesome!

Wow, this is really good so far! I'm stuck getting the secrets in the graveyard, though... I can't figure out the fence :(

Excellent! I loved all the little references and jokes!

This is so good! I love the mice and the personality you gave all the descriptions!

I like the reference to Biff Tannen! Excellent game, very poignant. I like all the little dialogue options and the simple art style!

So creepy but so cool! I loved the effects!