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I'm mostly enjoying the game, but I don't think I have any idea what I'm actually doing. I've figured out most of the controls, but I really have to think of what tricks they're asking me to pull before I try requests (easy enough, there are like 4 buttons besides WASD). I know the Fancy gauge fills up sometimes if you do things but not other things (stopping might empty it?), and there's a multiplier down there, but that's my entire understanding of it. I've somehow made it to the second area just sort of messing around and hoping I accidentally fill up the gauge enough to do tricks when I need to.

Is there a tutorial I missed?

It's also possible to do with fearing attacks if you have a bat captured and it removes 1 fear at the end of your turn.

I may not be the best at this game, but I seem to be the best at losing without quite being dead.

I just got killed by the last enemy in the row. That enemy had one health left, and was also cursed. The curse killed the enemy, and the Witch's Knife activated, giving me 1 health. After I'd died. The game is stuck because I'm both dead and alive.

Very good game, up until the ending.

Once you get to the 4th chapter, it's all guessing games. Can't cast spells, which item do I use, and what do I use it on? Did I die because I was wrong, or slightly misclicked? Who knows, it's 60 seconds of restarting every time you guess wrong, with a few sequences that you have to guess and click correctly in order or start over again without saving. A good game ruined by the ending. Maybe it's only bad for the sorceress, but I'm not playing again to find out.

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Just grab them as they fall. As long as you buy upgrades to your asteroid base first (this should probably be mentioned somewhere), money stops mattering very quickly. I think my last run was something like 234 credits and 12k research. Which is way more money than I'll ever spend, and 1/10th of one of the next several upgrades I need from research.