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I played through the two submissions I got. While I don't understand how to play one, they both seemed pretty functional and to their purpose (I'm assuming the one I couldn't figure out does work based on other feedback it got).

Looking forward to doing this next year and actually participating myself

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Seems to do everything it wants! Good work!

I don't understand how to play it at all. Everything I think should work, doesn't seem to. Any chance for more description?

My old website is gone now. It's not very good though. But I enjoyed making it quite a bit. 

Ooooh a touch game. Interesting....

Hopefully you'll have fun! I've done a few Jams before but this is my first time doing more of the hosting/helping. I'm very much not the typical jammer mould though (Arts/Fine Arts grad with Japanese and Photography majors). Although I've always learned something completely new to me each jam I did. (I learned enough ruby do some tinkering with RPG maker's battle system for one Jam, and enough python to make a VN with ren'py). 

And don't worry! While it's vaguely intended primarily for jets, it's really for anyone in Japan and too much time in summer!

I'm excited to play what you make though!

Let me answer them! Or anyone answer them! You could also make a separate topic if you like!

I won't be participating in the development side of the Jam myself, but I'm an excellent dabbler. Hopefully I can get you on track at least.

Good luck gaming!