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Enjoyed this very much! 

surprisingly good! 

fun short scary game that made me jump a couple times

Good LORD its even MORE terrifying.. HOW?

I regret playing this game. The pain and misery this game has brought me is unbearable, every time i close my eyes all i hear is the faint whisper of a power drill, haunting me wherever i go, this game has doomed me and i will never forget it. Good game though.

My GOLLY GOSH this scared the beejebus out of me! I couldn't beat it because I suck at horror games, but this was great nevertheless

Really really great concept here! Gave me few spoops and overall creeped me out, love the ps1 vibe too. great job dev!

yeahhhh this is awful in all of the good ways and none of the bad ways lol awesomely TERRIFYING. Great job bioxide!

the nostalgia for this was REAL. Still as scary as it was back when it released 

jeez louise i jumped out of my skin multiple times

YIKES this creeped me out.. sadly im dumb so i couldnt figure out how to finish the game BUT the game got a few scares out of me for sure, 7/10!

Dang this seriously impressed me, amazing job, i screamed multiple times, love it

Wowzers this sure got me a good few times.. super dark and eerie atmosphere, great tension, audio design was good too, overall a spoopy game that spooped my socks off! 

PLEASE you guys have to make a beat em up game (Marvel or not) Theres SO much potential from just this snippit... awesome work all of you! :D