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Me too period.

is there actually a version where sultan called Rayne innocent? 

If sultan gave you something then it's the best ending.

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I think there is a bug on the bad ending with sultan because when he missed his shot my screen turned completely black and go to the to be continued screen is this some kind of an ending?

A relationship?

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Wait until the bar is almost gone then click.

Finally an update i have been waiting.

Question on the outfit, does it matter if wearing the butler or mom?

What route was updated?

I've been grinding when is next update

i wonder where could this story go I'm so excited for every chapter to come🥰 (Android) 

Does he really have the heart of amethyst?

It's always sizzle.

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It's really sad about what happened to him/her/them 😭

Are they gonna ever update the public one?

I heard that the next update is a ghost

Thank you

Holy crap this was a very intense chapter and i love it, i love sultan, such great work i stayed up to 5 just to finish this just wow, wow one of the my best chapter i read... I hope Rayne and sultan meet again... I love sultan🥰 Rayne really just became the husband of sultan on that chapter...i hope Rayne still wear's the outfit i would love to see him still in that fem outfit... I love sultan... Husband and Wife...

Yes! yes!

Where's the update?

Valentine's with katio 🤭

Yes yes

Kas can we have a little information on when it will come out?

You've been forgiven from your wrong doing 😊

I will give my forgiveness if you answer this question is katio a bf material or husband, the damage you had done to us is mere possible to give concent of forgiveness you may answer or not it's the choice that matters.

I see the dragon in the like silio thing that means something i just know it. 

Yes yes yes thank you thank i miss him! Time to collect!

Yes :3

I hope my Hope's are still up

I hope for the best

I do not listen to warning signs like 18+ it will not have any condenses

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What kind of decisions I'm very excited for an update

Oh! Santa kas can you tell us about an upcoming update on the vn just a little peak oh! Santa kas. 

Oh Santa kas make this Christmas a wonderful day all i want for Christmasssssss~ issss~ a big cat that has a "k" as it's first letter of his name and ending with a "o" I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree I just want him for my own, more than you could have ever known make my wish come trueeee~ all i want for Christmas issss himmm~ (im overExcariated) 

maybe in the extras

Will there be something special on Christmas Day? 

Good sir may we have our leftovers soon please🥺...

I only care about the presents all i want for Christmasssssss isssssss moneyyyyyyy

dang almost known I'll get to know it some way

Kas is katio bi, gay or straight🤭😳😶?!