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A really cool, cute little game! It has a lot of charm and humor, and it reminds me a lot of Florence

Thank you for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!

This is beautifully designed, both artistically and mechanics-wise. I haven't managed yet to complete it (it's pretty hard) and I think the biggest improvement that would have pushed me to keep trying is if after I died I returned not to the absolute beginning but to the first holding point - this way I wouldn't have those 15 seconds of not being able to do anything while waiting to reach it. Oh, and maybe disable the "target identified" after the first time. In a game where you can die so easily, it's important to let the player jump right into action afterwards (in my opinion). Other than that I think this is a really impressive work.

Satire aside, the shooting and control felt surprisingly good for such a small project

I was very impressed. The gameplay is very fluid, the level design, art and audio are all very well done. I would say the weakest part for me was probably the blink\dash ability. It's very cool in its concept, but it just didn't feel good to use for me - I had to try too many times to do the gate challenge and it felt a little clunky. I think some tweaking could help here, because other than that I really enjoyed everything else in here!