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I enjoyed the view!

It's always a challenge... *sigh*

Great Level Design! Really enjoyed puzzles

Love dyeing mechanic!

Fun to play! Awesome visual implementation

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Dark. Love it

Nice game man

Very cute game and great soundtrack

The game is beautiful and almost made me cry. Love it.

But you should add instructions about controlling with arrow keys into description. I didn't knew what to do when started to play. As well as some other players

 Thank you for a response! It's very important to me.

 Yeah, I was going to to add information about Space and T buttons in tutorial, but ended up writing them on a game page. Will fix it in after-jam update. Also the keys. And some bugs. I'm sure you got a "good ending" because another one is kinda impossible to complete for now. 

 Btw, what do you mean talking about background? Kyle do rotates in place. That was an initial idea anyway

Wow, great idea

Animations look great

Love it. Great design

Mechanics are great

Great music theme tho

Scored 72! First I thought it's kinda  monotonus. But then it becomes more and more chalanging and and feels really good to beat demons.