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I guess my pestering worked!  My game has been shipped (I sent another message just yesterday).


Yeah, i've sent multiple emails and filled out their online form and haven't heard anything back.

Hugo - any way you can check with polyplay if they are actually shipping the games? Mine still just says paid, but the pages say it's been available for shipping for months. Thanks!

I see they have a note on their order page saying available November 1st, maybe they'll start shipping sometime near that

Do you have a timeframe for the release? I know these things take time :-)

Looking forward for it to sit next to Queen's Footsteps in my game case :-)

Ordered. Do you know approximately how many months it will be before it's available?

Awesome, i'll order myself a C128 version

It worked!  Must have just been an old file. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. :-)

Hmmm, nothing appears to be different. It loads exactly the same. I'm pretty sure i used the correct file.

That'd be awesome to see on the C128 - i'm getting a copy regardless, as i don't have many boxed C128 games. 

I did have a question: is there any way to put a Splash Screen in the Commodore 128 version? I really like the 80 columns when it comes to text adventures, and i like your artwork (like on the Plus/4 version)

Awesome!  I'll be sure to order one.

I noticed it does the same on my Backbit Pro cartridge. Great game!

You Rock Stefan!

-Conrad V.