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I chose to sit with Katie on the 2nd day of camp and was talking to her when I got an exception - "NameError:name 'katy_neg' is not defined.". 

Nice story though. I liked where it was going. Would have played till the end if the game would allow me. Thanks!

The story was nice! But, the art was what really gave it depth. In all, I liked it. Thanks! :-)

Nice game! Loved the graphics and nordic music. Im not really much into text based stuff but this was uplifting and I enjoyed it. Thanks!

Addictive game and nice concept! I enjoyed it.

Thank you, Xananax! 

I share your views about gravity being a little too much on the higher side. Just wanted to experiment and see if this mechanic could be used in future projects. I will definitely try to lower it some and check if that works better. 

I appreciate your support and time! :-)

Thank you, Rona! 

I appreciate your support and time! :-)

Loved your game. As someone who is new to the behemoth of game dev, having just the press of a button make something so enjoyable is hard to believe.

Thanks a lot for this! I enjoyed it.

An awesome piece! Colors and audio were well suited too! Thanks for this.