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Development continues, albeit at a very leisurely pace. Version 0.43 just released

Unfortunately last time I checked (and I did check because I thought it would be awesome too) the Oculus Unity drivers didn't want to let me render stuff in addition to the VR, so for the moment VR is single player only. Eventually we want to get co-op over the internet if nothing else though.

You are very welcome to stream the game, thanks for sharing your twitch!

Hi, thanks for sharing the bugs! Not sure how I missed the mouse issues but I'll make a fixed version to sort them out. It would be amazing if you could get me a copy of the log file after it crashes in a black screen in co-op so I can see what happened.

And I agree, the inventory system is definitely due an overhaul. We reworked a bunch of UI stuff in this version with the goal of getting ready to improve that sort of thing, and I think that's how the mouse bugs snuck in.

Hey, sorry the game broke :(

Being such a small team, it's hard to predict what the game will do on other hardware. If you get a chance I'd really appreciate knowing what operating system you are running and a copy of the log file so I can figure out why it breaks for you.

Yes, but the VR implementation is still very much WIP.