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Great works, thanks for sharing this with the community. It will be great if you could try to make characters with transparent background and single character with more face expressions. 

Thanks for replying and sharing your work, they are high quality AI generations. It would be cool if you could make some more NPC characters like travellers, wizards, town folks, elders etc.

Nice work! Those characters are well made, did you created them with AI or just hand painted? What is the license? Thank you.

Nice effects, thanks for sharing.

High quality pixel backgrounds.

Strange, I unzip it, the folder only has a Readme.txt file, nothing else.

Nice works, but the folder is empty.

I think so

Good to know, keep up the great works, hope to see more packs like this in the future.

Have been keeping an eye on this pack for a while and finally be able to get it today. Very nice to see it still gets updates. 1 question about the Shop RAR file. Inside the dungeon folder, there is an Shop folder and a Shop RAR, and also the download page has dungeon file and a Shop RAR, so which one is the latest for the Shop?

Great works, but could you please put all files into 1 zip so it is much easier to download, I got your bundle and it is a pain to download each file one by one.

Nice work!

Thank u for providing this great asset for free, good to see more asset Godot ready.

Really nice style and smooth animations, would that be a color version?

Beautiful art works!

Nice style, keep up the good work.

Great to see an update, nice work.

Great icons, hard to find 16px spell icons, great works.

Good quality pixel art works.


Good eyes

Good quality works, consistent in style, hope to see more.

Great works, cool creatures, most your packs are with a consistent art style which is very useful. 

Good to hear that, looking forward to the new updates.

Generally, it would be good to have the same character with different face impressions and different outfits, eg, a prince in formal dress, or in a battle uniforms. You could provide separated body image/ postures / costumes with head images of different facial impressions, so the users could freely combine head to body for different needs, and that opens up a lot of freedom to create. Currently, all AI generated characters are kind of 1 shot for all, 1 static image of fixed head / outfit / posture and that is it, not much room to play around.

Great to hear that, bought the story tellers toolkit, hope to see more updates to come. Keep up the good work.

It seems to be 2 different styles, 1 more 3d Rendering like other is more flat anime style. The quality looks good, hope to see more creature like characters in anime style, orcs, goblins, monsters etc. Also more human types soldiers, archers, worriers etc.

Just to understand things correctly, if purchase the Storyteller toolkit, all the characters in the free packs are able to be use in commercial projects? 

They look nice, could you pack all of them into a zip file instead of lots of individual files, a pack is much easier to download. Thank you very much.

Very nice style, great works!

Nicely Done!

Beautiful drawing, nice creature design.

I think the design of the coins need more thoughts, it feels like a bullet flys towards you, specially when there is a lot things going on the screen. Might be different colors or some other means to make them more easily identifiable.