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Hope my purchase could provide some support, looking forward to see more of your amazing works.

Beautiful artworks, sorry to hear there is no more development with this game. You could consider to release the art sprites to gain some return for the efforts.

Beautiful artworks, nice style, hope to see more!

Amazing work, wonderful style, hope will have the chance to work with this in some future projects.

Bought this tile set ages ago, finally get the chance to use it for a project. Incredible asset, specially the detailed instructions on how to use the asset pack. Great work!  

Really nice characters, waiting to see other sides and animations. Great work!

Great works, any chance put all 3 into a bundle soon?

Really nice work, great style beautiful colours. Bought the bundle for future projects, keep up the good work.

Very nice music, certainly reminding me of Zelda breath Of the wild. Could this music be used in a commercial project? BTW, why in the folder, there is huge size cover art PSD file? Thank you.

Looks cool, hope will have a mac version.

Very high quality asset, totally worth the buy, looking forward to more.

Your art works are very nice, but if you are promoting a paid version tutorial, may be it would be better to show more why this tutorial is different with other free pixel art tutorial out there.

Nice work! it would be great to have a way to see all effects since there are so many, help a lot when picking the right one for the game.

Fun little game, if more collectables on the field would be more fun.

Yeah, high quality 64px sprites are not easy to find. 

Good to hear that, will keep an eye on this, thank you for the great works.

Great, more Ninja or Eastern/Japanese warrior characters will make more possibilities for the set. Are you planning to release more background, environments and objects tiles that match the style? 

Very cool, the background tile is very nice too, hope to see more.

Hope you could keep improving the app, it looks really interesting and I will keep an eye on it for future projects. 

I am using a Mac Mini 2018 with Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB. To test, I close all other apps, the activity monitor does not show any odd readings when Pixel Over was running. I rarely runs 3D apps, may be the graphic card is not powerful enough to handle Pixel Over? 

The app was opened without any actual actions, after a little while (about 1 min) the problem starts. Chrome started to lag dramatically, actually I feel that the entire Mac UI like the finder also feel a bit lag. After closed the app, everything returned to normal.  Tried a few times, happened every time, no sure what caused the problem, hope could get it fixed. 

When this app (Mac Demo Version) is opened, my chrome becomes very slow and unusable. Once the app is closed, chrome return to normal.

Great characters, animations are very smooth. Bought it for future projects, keep going, love to see more of characters specially Paladin size spear soldier, archers etc. 

Nice characters, it would be great to see animations with all the army members. Keep up the good work.

Are you planning to make more icons in this or similar style?

Really impressive, beautiful artworks, hope get a chance to use them in future projects.

Thank you for your reply, I thought if you have a version of only line works would be easier to play around to see the result with different background colours. No worries, I could find a way to get it work to suit my needs, thank you for sharing this assets.

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Nice style, good for map building. Is it possible to get the set with transparent background rather than a filled colour background? Thank you.

Very nice character, lovely animations, great fit for my project.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful art work. It captures the feel of Akihiko Yoshida, great fit for the project that I am working on. 

Really interesting project, hope you could keep updating it. One question, I am using Godot on mac, so dose the Godot Project provides all functions same as the windows app?  Thank you.

Nice music, thank you for sharing them for free.

Thanks for the tip. I end up save the setting from Mac version, and paste it to this web version then save a wav file from the web version. A bit of extra work.

Don't know why, but my mac version can not save wav. Everything look normal, but after save, there is not file in the destination folder.

Thanks for sharing, hope to see more of your great works.

Thank you for the reply, it is good to hear you are still making new ones. I am thinking starting some kind of project with this lovely set of assets, it would be great if there are more so I could build some story with them. Take your time, good quality designs take times and efforts. Generally, how long does it take for you to build one set of assets? Does the designing takes more time than the making process? 

Very nice style, very inspirational. Are you plan to make more assets in this style?

Nice work!

Very nice pack, good works. A personal suggestion might be adding more contrast in color and tone, specially for the small objects, to make the overall feel more vibrant. The current version has little color variation, and that makes the scene a bit dull.