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Great character designs, this style fits my game perfectly.

Thank you for your good wish. I have been traveled to Japan quite a few times before, love the feel, hope could spend more time there in the future. Your assets bring out the look and feel of some great JRPGs, perfect for making games with. The original plan was to kick start my new project some time this year. However, my current project is dragging on longer than I expected, so might not be able to start with the new one anytime soon. Anyway, meanwhile, hope you could come up with more assets, it is a pleasure just looking at them. 

Have been following your works of the Japanese Theme Assets, excellent inspiration to plan my next game. Do you live in Japan? Your Japanese Assets theme offers incredible details, very impressive. By the way, do you plan to upload your RURAL JAPAN asset pack here?

Somehow, my player always keep running to the left when no controls is pressed, Might be a bug. The game is great, well made, specially the graphic. Very stylish and blend perfectly with the story and the mood. Great work!

Nice little game, but I found the control of car is very difficult, very hard just make the car moving and keep track. Anyway, may be car game just not my thing. Good luck with the game.

Quite a nice set of pixel art works. It is not usual to see this kind of style assets, very enjoyable, keep up the great work. It will be nice to see more buildings and items in this eastern game styles.

Very nice, plan to build a game with this wonderful assets in the future.

Tilesetter is a very good app, very helpful. One question, somehow, exported image from Tilesetter always appear darker. Not sure what is the caused of that, is it because of the colour management profile?

Excellent art works, bought all of your works in the bundle. They just fit nicely for my game making plan next year. Keep on the great works and looking forward to see more of them in the future.

Could you please make a walk through tutorial for beginners? I bought this as well as the Dialogue Designer, but not knowing how to use it. There is no any materials to demonstrate basic work flow, it would be really helpful if you could make some tutorial just to show a basic work flow as an example. Thank you.  

Really nice art works, love the style. Fit perfectly for my game.