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Beautiful pixel art UI design and style.

Really good art, beautiful! 

Looking forward to more amazing arts for this asset.

Very cool, one of the most detailed pixel art background I have seen. How long did it take you to paint it? Also, What is the intended size of characters in this environment? Hope to see more like Japanese buildings or houses to go with this to make a set.  

I see, just 1 bundle is easy to manage only pay once. Itch could not do combine payment, need to pay 6 times for 6 packs. Anyway, thanks for the putting them on sale.

Nice, could you put the latest 6 packs (Dwarfs to Bandits) into a bundle? I already got the pervious ones, thank you.

Amazing works! The design is cool, and the animation is very smooth.

Same here, may the maker could make every new 3 packs into a bundle.

Great works, it is not easy to get a decent image from AI generations, a lot images you show in the pack has very good quality fit to be backgrounds or arts in game. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for replying.

Good art style, great work! Could your works be used on commercial projects outside of using RPG maker? Thank you.

Top quality pack, amazing works!

The results show your efforts. It is not easy to get a good output from AI generations, a lot of works involved, great job!

Vary nice, so many! Are those generated by using AIs? 

All of your images are very nice, could they be used in commercial projects?

Nice result, great works!

Beautiful, are those created by AI?

Amazing, look so real and stylish. 

Look tasty, are these drawings, CG or photos?

Thanks for the reply, reset the keybinds and they are working now.

Help! I rebind the control key, but the new direction keys are not working after reopen the game, so now nothing moves and the game is unplayable.  How could I reset keys while the arrows keys are now completely disable? Thank you.

Beautiful works!

Nice works, pixel art for landscapes is a lot of efforts.

Are these pixel style arts converted from paintings? 

Cool. thanks. Have checked out some of your other works, amazing art works, hope to see more assets from you on itch.

Wow, really high quality assets, thanks for sharing this for free. Could this be used in commercial projects? any other assets in this art style? Thank you.

Beautiful art works!

I know there are a lot of works required to paint the same scene in different light/day conditions, it is almost different paintings. The collection of your works are amazing, all great works, thanks for sharing them.

Nice icons, great work!

Beautiful artworks, but the 4 day versions are not as visually different as they could have been. For example if the night image has lights on  it would be much more interesting.  Anyway, still nice works.

Great, thank you.

Thanks for reply, even free for commercial games / projects?

Looks cool, what license is this asset under? 

Hope my purchase could provide some support, looking forward to see more of your amazing works.

Beautiful artworks, sorry to hear there is no more development with this game. You could consider to release the art sprites to gain some return for the efforts.

Beautiful artworks, nice style, hope to see more!

Amazing work, wonderful style, hope will have the chance to work with this in some future projects.

Bought this tile set ages ago, finally get the chance to use it for a project. Incredible asset, specially the detailed instructions on how to use the asset pack. Great work!  

Really nice characters, waiting to see other sides and animations. Great work!