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is there any way you can upload this on steam I really want to play this on my steam deck

that makes me think its a vuris

so i found a bug where if you do the left click attack on a door you go though it.

here is a video of me doing it:

sorry for using some random website but i couldn't figure out how to do the embed thing on itch.

heres a picture of the website to prove its not a virus.

is there a way to get pico8 working in gaming mode without proton experimental.

i remember i used to play the scratch version 2 years ago. This one is better but i miss not having ammo so when I got the firerate thing to 0 i got a machine gun i also remember when i got a shotgun with 0 friearte and fought a boss my school chome book would run at 1-2 is my scrth account :D  

TerraCraft community · Created a new topic i can't play it

i can't run the game and when i click on the link that says cannot run  this game it says this site can't be reached