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Is a release this year even a possibility? Not meaning to rush you or anything. It would just be nice to have more detailed progress updates.

I click ready to go to the scene to meet her father. then the screen goes black. I can hear the music. I have pressed enter repeatedly many times. I am on the latest windows release. I update regularly, complete the new content and then wait for new updates. I copy my saves over each time.  I have been playing for a couple of years now. I just can't continue tsubaki's quest line.  Only issue I have run into. I don't want to start over because I have invested probably hundreds of hours into playing the game. The weird thing is, I have played that scene before. about a year ago after an update, suddenly the game acted as if I had never progressed tsubaki's story line. I kept holding off on commenting about it because I assumed a new update would correct the error. For all I know it did and my save file is just corrupt somehow.

for almost a year, when i activate the tsubaki quest to go meet her father, the screen goes black and i hear the music but cannot continue. I must exit the game. was hoping this would be fixed in an update. anyway I can get a current completed save file. except for her questline I have completed everything else. 

Thanks. That would solve my problem. I am weary of third party sites. especially ones that force you to download extra software like mega.

I use the desktop app and can no longer update.

can't seem to locate all the casino ad locations. still have 6 posters left

can't install via desktop app. say's it's on an unsupported hosting platform.

where is Varea located again?

can't activate new Chiyo scene. she says there is nothing more to talk about.

Maybe shooting for a summer release???

cannot download new version via app.

I get an error saying my dat and time are incorrect when launching, but they are correct.

cannot install via the app. game downloads, but fails to install.

Where do I input christmas codes?

would be helpful if the wiki was a little more up to date.

unable to install uncensored version via interface. the download fails.

cannot download version .7 via itch desktop app. says not available for windows. I can download the zip though.

bit defender is picking half the files up as malicious. when I looked it up, it seems it does not like whatever software the game runs on. It deletes so many files the game shows as uninstalled in the app. Is identified as "atc4.detection"