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Lookin' forward!


Bucklers are gripped in the hand IRL...

(This game deserves more recognition.  I'd like to try to contribute to that by posting the review I wrote four years ago after originally purchasing and playing this.  The game has only gotten better since then.)

This game's humble "indie platformer" aesthetic belies a mechanical depth that you will rarely find elsewhere. Where many roguelites try (and fail) to present their players with a toolset and challenges that will enable and necessitate lateral thinking, Aura of Worlds succeeds spectacularly.  Items, abilities, hazards, and enemies all have intuitive interactions with one another that produce complex and organic scenarios, and success is as much a matter of wits as it is a matter of reflexes.

Individual items and abilities in Aura of Worlds are so densely packed with utility for creative problem solving that the game hearkens back to classics like Deus Ex and Dishonored (the developer cites Dishonored as an inspiration on the Steam forums, but I drew this conclusion on my own before reading that post).  I don't invoke those names lightly.  The differences between character starting backgrounds (classes) are subtle at first glance but can produce profoundly distinct playstyles. It's hard, it's fun, you will die and feel stupid, you will succeed and feel clever.

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Destined for greatness.  Please release it here on itch DRM free when it's complete.


Holy hell man, 10GB save files?  That's unreasonably large.

No problemo.  Thanks for the reply.

Could we get 0.79.x over on itch, please?