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A member registered Jul 28, 2022

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bruh that was so boring

oh shit damn i don't like this game anymore

atleast there have one hehe

wtf that disgusting 

but some voicie editing can make it like real woman , but some is just make it funny 

isi this game have moaning sound?

damn ntr? im plaly this game before but the update so long im stop playing now they add ntr that sucks.....

ughh is this game only can play use femboy character?

nice thanks

we play as boy or girl?

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we play as girl or boy

this game is nice but you need put the boss in the next update so we can use everything potion and skill

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the game took so long for new update

i allready do that

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I have installed this game but when I install it it says app not install

this game is great but it will be good if you make another game like this but we can have sex with more girl and have background story.

pls help i can't find maria dirty laundry

finally android ver 

im waiting so long for android ver...

im waiting so long for the update....

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 not bad for free game 9/10

im already seduce 3 girl why the quest still there and not update

just a black screen for 10min and i give up

thankyou bro

its all the ways same

why everything is same there is no update

yeah this game is nicee

i like this , the story is perfect

yes sirr android version

i don't know why i like old male character design than new one , it just look ugly

and need to update can have sex with our staff maybe can be nice

that will be nice



i already update to 0.6.9 but can't find anything new

pls add android version

it more better your game have no ntr