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Browser version doesn't work, doesn't save file, gotta fix that some time

Generate Mode

-Press GENERATE to generate a new seed and apply new bingo cell values to the table

-Enter a seed into the TEXTBOX to use a custom seed

-Check NO DUPLICATES to remove all duplicates while generating

-Check ALWAYS ON TOP to have the window stay on top

-Left/Right click cells to apply primary/secondary colors

-Modify the primary/secondary colors on the bottom left.

-Press EDIT to go to Edit mode.

Edit Mode:

-Enter a bingo cell value in the textbox and click ADD to add it

-Use different presets of bingo cell values using the arrows

-Press FILE to open the .json file where the bingo cell values are saved

-Press SAVE to save go back


Have fun!

Actually brilliant! Felt like an escape room,

Love the idea, could be expanded on endlessly. Amazing job!

Wonderful game! I love the music so much

Found a bug though - if you go back through where you came from, you don't respawn and just get soft locked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I absolutely love the idea of the Orbit mechanic!

The graphics are incredible!

Thanks! Since you're the second person to say this already (about the double jumps) I added some extra coyote time! once the jam voting ends I'll update it :) I hope that'll help

Thank you so much! I'll definitely continue working on it :) 

Cool art style!

Liked the music, and the concept overall. The mechanics aren't very complex, but they don't need to be to make an enjoyable game. Great game!

Tysm for the feedback! I may need to add the "[F] Interact" tooltip for a few more levels

Glad you enjoyed it!

Found a cool mechanic which I'm not sure if is intended, if you place the platform overlapping with the player it can gain you some extra height.

Felt like the jump could have been a little higher.

Really cool game! 

Cool concept, amazing implementation.

Loved the gameplay, and the art was really good. Everything felt responsive, with sounds and animations.

I didn't like that to check the special key combinations you had to exit the level, which reset it (unless I missed something)

The music felt a bit repetitive, but who am I to judge with my 32 second soundtrack on repeat lol.

Great game!

Do notice: I couldn't get the HTML5 export to work as intended so I recommend downloading the game instead. If there is a problem with Linux/Mac exports please notify me!

Thanks, feedback is welcome

Happy jamming! :)

I'm here x)


Great game! 

Maybe it was just me but I had a bit of trouble seeing the tiny cursor sometimes