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Love these! Wish there were more.


These are awesome. You're underrated!

This is great. Please keep them coming!

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This is great! Love "Encroaching Dread."

Looking forward to it! If it's half as good as this one, I'll be buying for sure.

Congratulations on the new family member! (and I think you meant 2023 in your devlog year).

We need your next pack! :)

Just followed you there. Keep up the great work.

"Strange Land" is one of the best pieces I have ever heard. You're super underrated.

Wow! Super generous. Thanks.

Your artwork is phenomenal! Love the undead king. You're probably the most underrated artist on this site. 

I sent an email about a potential collaboration. I'm very serious, so please at least give it a look. 



Super cool!

Beautiful. Keep it up.

Have this same problem as well. Cheers.

Is there an example GIF of the gun animations?

Your assets look great, but you do not seem to have made it very clear what comes with this purchase. Are their battler images? Close-ups of the characters? What exactly comes with this?

Donated! Just can't get enough of these.

Hiramatsu does it again! Alteration is super mysterious.

Can't wait for the rest!

How is your quality this consistent! Love the Pacman one.

Nice to see you back. Keep up the awesome work!

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This is superb. Definitely one of the best darker pieces on the market. A sure buy. 

"Sorrow of the Outsider" is a masterpiece.


Wow. These are fantastic!

Just bought everything you've made! Keep going with this DARK series. I love it!

Wow. That was quick. I love it!

Adore this asset. Plan to buy the rest as well. Will you be adding a scared and/or swimming animation for the cats and other future assets?

How great can these get! Your latest three soundscapes have been outstanding!

Wow. This is awesome! I can tell you're improving. I may just invest in your assets for an upcoming game.

Thanks for the pointer. I'll check it out!

Wow. This is fantastic! How did you learn about shaders?

Looking forward to it!

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The "Kitten in a Cave" song is mind blowingly good. I am planning on buying just on that piece's quality alone! Have anything similar lying around or on the way?

That makes sense. Thanks for the response.

Love this pack. Thinking of buying for a future game. What do you mean by the prohibition of adding your music packs to our OSTs? Thanks.