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Intel Iris was set to balanced, I set it to performance and it seems to have turned on the hidden option vsync. To reveal vsync otherwise set it (under 3d> general ) to custom settings. This greatly improved tearing.

Now the game wont start unless I run as administrator

Hey Adam..I cant play the demo the tearing is disorienting :(   it seems to happen like a pulse after certain amount of steps at a consistent height unless jumping during that pulse. The pulse is like the slight jitter you were debugging on stream only x10 worse

its me not you?

Gaming on mac, dumb yes? macbook pro 2017, intel gpu, ssd, i7, 8gb ram

anything i can set in the intel graphics or should i buy a better laptop..

oh, screen recorders could not capture the game so i had to phone it in:


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no dropbox for you

send me your email i shoot it over