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The ending really surprised me馃槺馃槺

So much fun and was not expecting all that lol. Keep up the great work!!

I was shocked!!!!!!

The ending got me. I loved every second.

Wow really got me with that lol!! Amazing Game!!

Really fun!!

Wow. So powerful. Great work

So much fun. I got so close.... dude freaked me out lol 

I had way to much fun with this game!! Loved every second of it especially since the movie has now come out!!

Great game!! My little one loved it!!

This game is so great. Got me a few times. Great scare factor.

Loved it!! Got me so many times with the jumps. Keep up the great work

It was. Interesting.. could use some work but keep up the good work

Very fun and definitely spooky

Rage inducing but very fun!

The ending was not what I was expecting but very nice game!! Loved it!!

Amazing work yet again!! Keep it up!!

Can't believe it!! Amazing yet horrifying!!

Really fun!! Cant wait for more!!

Really spooky but amazingly put together!! Loved it!!

Hilarious, that jump got me lol.

That was so weird but well put together great job

Loved it!! Hard and creepy game!! Lot of time and effort put into it. Good job!!

Great short game that is amazingly terrifying lol!!

Just great!! How every horror game should end is with then embarrassing themself lol

Oh man.. disturbing but great game!!

Man. Mooshie is insane!!

Horrible. I hated it. So scary lol!! Keep up the great work!!

Terrifying I love it 

Fun game definitely got me with that jump!!

That jumpscare really got me lol

Wow!! Wasn't expecting it to be like that lol

Talk about rage lol


Thank you!! I loved the game!! Keep up the great work!!

The jump really got me good lol. Great game!!

Amazing!! Really got me at the end!! 

They finally broke him.. poor squiddy.. Loved every second of it!!

So disturbing and disgusting but great game!!

Amazing spook factor loved it!!