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I'm praying for you, that things improve in your life. You've finished a monumental project the likes of which not many people have, and it's something to be proud of!

Yeah I'd play that.

Oh nice! I remember this one. From right about the time I started collecting rpg files.

Interesting! So it's sort of a hard counter to super expensive models.

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Hello! Just thought I should point out that, rules as written, the 'Nullifying' modifier reduces any model to 1 health and opens them up for an easy one-turn kill, because under the rules 'Tough' is a modifier that gets stripped! I doubt this is intended, but I could be wrong.

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Oh, Nice! These are pretty sweet... I've been thinking of making my own papercraft mech type things at some point too. I'm not an artist though so they're pretty bare compared to these!

Are you planning to do them in different colors?

Much better, thank you!

The artificial dirtiness background layer is a bit much. Makes it hard to read the charts.

You know, it's crossed my mind to make or use a naval wargame or somesuch. I think I even have one around somewhere that is about skyships. I might use this for that.

You know I saw this pop up in my feed and a part of my brain thought 'Huh that art style looks familiar' and what do you know. I'll be watching haha.

I loved this, and I realize I never got around to telling you. It's good. I can't say I've played it- too much going on for years now- but I really quite like how it's set up. Even went and hand-bound it for myself in a nice little hardcover.


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Liking it! A few archetypes in the main rulebook have the wrong magics in the bonus table though, I think.  I could be wrong, but I think Werewolf and Warlock probably aren't supposed to start with necromancy. Not sure if any else in the main book or playbook are mismatched.

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Okay, great. Yeesh, some people...

The game seems to have shown up under a different author name on a separate page. I'm a little confused what that means?

What file format is that?

I've been meaning to ask if there are any plans for a printer-friendly version anytime.

I have been waiting so long for the translation on some of these. Thank you much! Always happy to see you in my feed.

They're cute!

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Oooh, this sounds interesting...

edit: No i didn't mean that pun. Now I do because it is a good pun :D

That is so adorable I love it.

Nice :thumbsup:

Fancy formatting. I don't usually like when people get fancy with the dark-background light text thing but this actually kinda works. I would like to see a printer-friendly version of the final draft though, when you get that far.

No prob.

Highwinds community · Created a new topic Formatting bits
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I don't usually do this, but then again designers I've noticed this for aren't usually contactable. Just thought you might want to know that 'Arcane Filter' on page 138 isn't bolded. Similarly for Mind Blast on 141.

Looks nice.

Looks like nice art. But the sillhouettes block some of the text.

It's fine. Take your time. I know the temptation to release for christmas is strong...

Nice. I did like that one.

This is cute!

I love the term 'foxmutt'. It sounds cuddly.


Interesting... I like it. I could definitely see myself playing the heck out of a polished up version

Will do

Okay. I'm interested.