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Νow ⵊ ϲаո 𝕥ʏᴘe a гαns𝕠m lᴇttᴇг

so how did you do that? dll?!?


Added Edge support... Clicking a link in the content window will not update the treeview

(1 edit)


changed "?v=46" (46 being a version number) at the end of the .js fetch to "v=" + today, to use a fresh version of the file every day (caching bypass)

fixed the main header next prev navigation buttons

v4.6 Moved all support js files that required https to my github pages

v1.0 Added

4.5 Forces https now that all the sites involved have a certificate which also fixes infinit reload

(1 edit)

v2.3 added color picker... shift+ctrl+P to select a color and transfer it to the code box. the color is hexadecimal, Custom Colors remain for the duration of the Hot Key Script running instance

4.4 Fixed infinite reload on yoyo's blog and fixed the fetch on gmlscripts' treeview which was set to localhost when adding last feature

Oops, I forget to add the ahk file in zip in the last upload... fixed

v2.2 Added RegEx support for Search Replace, Fixed a few bugs

4.3 Fixed a regex error, added detection for a help page content loading on it's own to auto reload with the treeview

v2 added search and replace feature

4.2 adds treeview items and index search for some parts of's forum that contain interesting scripts

Ooops. 4.1 fixes the navigation arrows in the header

TMC Help Mod version 4 for Game Maker Studio

TMC Help Mod for #GameMaker Help site

Improve your skills by leveraging YoyoGame's Studio Help system

Version 4 adds content search and content highlighting when doing content search.

fix for launching html5 games

Improved navigation

in frame duck duck go which is the only search engine that indexed all the sites involved


Easy Hyper Text Link Sharing Via Copyable Link provided for relevant sites

Easy Searching through all help systems, including

Easy Searching of other relevant sites like Game Maker Community Manual, reddit/gamemaker, the GameMaker forum and the help manual through duckduckgo

Fingertip Access to the YoYo Blog, the YoYo Bugs database and yoyo's problem report page

This is not another help site. This is YoYo's help System with a Facelift

Version 2 Apr 16 2017 11:11 PM

Version 2 Add New Game Mechanism. You get to the planet, gather the crystals, you re dock with the orbiter. repeat until the orbiter is full and proceed to the next level.

Levels get progressively harder

The mass acquired in the cargo affects your lander momentum.

Update Apr 3 2017

Added S for Changing the Fluid Dynamic Shader

Fix the landing... again...

Update Apr 2 2017

Fixed landing not being detected on curved convex dome terrain. You may still need to wiggle in some cases

InfinitLander community · Created a new topic Change Logs

Added Project

v3.0 Changed include to handle local port change using mask. assuming the port is :5nnnnn

UPDATE 2.9 Fixed port url for local help with new gms2 release

v1.4 added support for in browser slack

v1.3 changes

Tested on firefox

Changed Shift+F2 for Studio 2 Help to Ctrl+F1 due to firefox's use of shift+F2

v1.2 changes

re-wrote both files to prevent interferences between the 2

renamed the original studio 1 file. ples remove the original file(s) from tampermonkey as the name changed

v1.1b changes

Added Second File for GMS:2 help system. Use Shift+F2

v1.1 changes

added includes to support old gmc forum site

Facepalm... sorry

#define main

// init code here

p_angle = 0;

#define step

// update code here

#define draw

// draw code here

var numdirs;

var numdirs = 4

var d;

var dd;

d = floor(((p_angle+180/numdirs) mod 360)/(360/numdirs));

dd = round( p_angle*num_dirs/360 );



p_angle +=5;

TMC GMS MOD community · Created a new topic Change Log

v1.2 Added F1 to act like middle mouse click and added compiled binaries for all platforms, default binary is unicode 64 bits

v1.1 Added ctrl+ins, shift+ins, shift+del

v1: F7 and F8 are modified to work with the mouse wheel to change font. I could not trap the ctrl+mouse wheel but it works just as well. Use f7 or f8 and scroll the wheel to change font size

UPDATE 2.8 Fixed Spawning Contextual Help from gms2

UPDATE 2.7 Web Search Button will open bing in the iframe and google in a tab. Chrome Users will have to endure losing focus of the docs tab sorry.

Read up on this!

Version 2 added consolidation of both files, you no longer need the older files

The system now supports showing both help trees in one panel and the tree for as well

And the search system is now takes context tags: gms1, gms2: gmls: to force the search to a specific tree

And the search now supports wildcards! * and ?

Thanks, Ginger Grammar plugin broke it again. 3rd time I fixed that...


// @include*

// @include*

// @include*

// @include*

little tweak needed for the var declaration to support

var t1 = 0,
t2 = 1,
t3 = 2;

Yeah... I tried to hack it in and failed....

Yet another buck well spent!

Could it be possible to add the same feature as the online help for this, clicking on a function to go to the online help file

Another buck well spent!

Could it be possible to add the same feature as the online help for this, clicking on a function to go to the online help file

Money well spent! Great Job!

(1 edit)

Hi, I made this for Game Maker Studio

It's basically a shader that takes diffuse, normal, specular (optional) and occlusion (optional) textures....

I'm trying to see how I can use your tool to generate the normals, specular and occlusion... but after playing with it I can't really figure it out. I don't think your program does output those.

The shader is basically doing live what your tool generates as a final output... but using a different set of source image as data

I would suggest if you had the ability to generate and save those image types your tool would be that much more better...

I would like to see the following modules added:

-Heightmap to normals module, Works like your current Lighting module... taking a heightmap texture and generate a lighting normal with the option to flip the r,g,b channels as options so to match the engine the lighting normal image is for.

-Specular generator module, currently I can use any module that generates a grayscale. but it would be cool to have a module that tries to determine this from a source image.

-occlusion generator module, same comment as above

-Lighting blend module, works like your current blend + lighting modules combined, taking all those 4 textures with properly named inputs so see the final result, maybe with the option to move a directional light around in the module (ei the direction property of your lighting module), and again the ability to define the rgb channel flip to mirror the engine the source textures would be used one. If the specular or occlusion channels are omitted a default image would be used for those channels, basically ignoring the missing paramiters

This way I can save every required textures and use them in a conventional lighting system. the core features, you current modules you have would are compatible with there new modules.

Other modules:

-A boost module. takes a texture as input, outputs a texture. 4 sliders to boost the r,g,b,a channels

-A color mix module, takes 2 colors and a texture to mix the color from black to white to be col1 to col2

-A color module, to output a color that you can plug into an input channel

-A mask module, taking 2 images as source where one image is the content and the other the mask which defines the exclusion for the content image to pass through.

Your colorizer does not seem to work

a Zoom in-out and move canvas would be good

You shape module could be called fill pattern. and have the other patterns, like gradient left, right, up down and so on. it could also allow a texture as input and merge the blend with the input texture... and possible have 2 colors as input

I can see where the inspiration comes from in the design and I suspect you will add more modules to match those other similar systems, so me listing a slew of module suggestions is pointless.

Nice tool! Great potential!