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I think MC's name should be open to change. Also MC must meet all the three characters during the party or he will not understand why the tanuki is talking about people he doesn't know on the following day. 

I will play it now but I already congratulate you!!!

just played it all... I really liked!

Is MC really named Joel? I got confused since I choose the name Noel, so I thought that the game only changes the first letter... but when I decided to try with other names he kept showing Joel regardless of the name that was written

OMG cool, in that case we are just a paw among yanderes... that is so innovative!!! I hope to get to be in the middle of a dispute among yanderes... the more the merrier lol... I do not wish this in real life (obviously) but on a game sounds so interesting. Now I am really looking foward!

I realized that the first day is the off-shore day, originally I thought that it was day-zero, sorry. I also have a few questionings: - How come noone is interested (MC included) on each other crash accidents? - Even if they are all straight, these type of people still would try to 'hostage' each other due their nature needs someone to put up with ther toxicity, and specially if they are bi or gay, how come they create this stand off where, with the exception of some bickering, they didn't stablish  some yandere relationship with each other over these six months? Did Torrin stablished some kind of leadership that even Michael accepts?

It is very interesting game concept, I wish it would be longer than seven days, specially for some types of yandere like Oliver who get stronger by knowing your daily routines.

Congratulations! I will play another of your games. ;)

Even if I choose to spend the first night with Torrin I still spend the first day with Markus, is it correct? It is interesting to see that even choosing one the others still intervene to compete for the MC, that is awesome.

sou de Brasília mas juro que sou inocente kkkk abraços

are you brazuka?

Hi, I have a question is this just an story or eventually I will be able to make some decisions?

Go ahead! you need to work with what you have!

Amazing game!!! I just had a lot o fun! Looking foward to the next chapter!

It worked, thanks!!!!

Cool... I like Pi too but maybe I would include other before Ian

I just contacted them, I will let know if it worked.

I like them all but that was my top 3... what is yours?

I will try... thanks

Ziul, congratulations on the new story!!!! I still do not have favorites (but I confess that I like the mammals more then the other two... sorry)... Looking foward to play it, although I am already missing the other characthers specially Zac, Oken and Lacky... Zac is too funny, Oken too cute and Lacky is adorable... I hope they return in another game in the future!

OMG it's been four years to you that could be easily correctly if the game company cared about their fan base, I already had bought other product from them with no problem but I am not sure if I will do it again after knowing your case, which is happening again with me.

it was updated 41 days ago

It does not mention that the project is over in the Twitter nor the patreon site... are you sure?

Hi, I payed for the pre ordered version only to realise that in order to play the beta version I need to pay 45 dollars, I was wondering if I pay the difference will I be able to access the beta version?

I wonder if there is an option where I can pay the remmaining amount to be able to dowload the game

so if I payed 29.99... how can I change it? by donating more 15.01?

I paid the pre-order... when will I be able to download it?

May I suggest for the creator to include the day of the week on the beggining of each day as well?

ok, but in real life it is a red flag, please keep this in mind in order to avoid toxic relationships

Really? I could never interact with such aggressive person... I just do not have the patience necessary to ever try to speak with him again...

yes... you character says that in the beggining

I managed the 3 endings only trying the good one... I hope you show more of their story

OMG!!! Just loved the game (played in steam but like to comment here)... Qiu, Darren and Baxter are so funny together... Poor Baxter... he needs to travel to California to meet the same MC and fall in love with... Looking foward for progress... I also liked Tamarack

ok, I will try my best

I arrived in laga and they started to speak another language but... should I translate it without learning anything? it is kind of confusing

I am sorry to read that and I hope you, your mother and your friends all the best. Please let us know if you ever decide to return to this project or start another!

this is awesome, is there any news about the game?

so you do not plan to update here anymore? Should I wait to buy the final version of the game?

BTW, have you noticed the lack of local religions that incorporate the figure of 'the one' as a good and bad thing? where are the profets of those countries?

I found and bought it all  but there could have an explanation to help