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Project Void community · Created a new topic Gameplay video

When will any gameplay be shown off? Thanks.

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I still don't understand to this day why I can't see the damn picture. I have no visual impairments, and I've tried everything... apart from that this is some insane shit! Very clever and original.

I really hope this gets completed - this game has so much potential to be a full, proper thing.

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I think that this game needs some form of level builder - type in values for the fractal, place a start and end point.  Also, the flag should be visible as an outline through the fractal. And PLEASE make a custom page on itch instead of a blank one!

I just thought an online web-based version would allow for more people to get into the game, and let it run cross-platform.

This game is in desperate need of a WebGL version for Firefox. Please make one!

This looks amazingly fun. Got a phone version coming out anytime soon?

Thinks looks so fun! Absolutely amazing work.

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You should make this into a kind of Mirror's Edge style game, but completely randomly generated - by that I mean add NPCs of some kind, or a parkour move like wall running to make the game a little more fun than "Hey, this is a cool little thing!" :)

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