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Posted in Cubito comments

This looks amazingly fun. Got a phone version coming out anytime soon?

Replied to moiboi in Seed comments

Sorry for seeming misleading. What I meant was the fact that Unity's graphical capabilities are WAY under those of Unreal Engine and similar modern engines by default.

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When the SmartScreen/Defender window with a button that appears that reads "Don't run", you can click on "More info..." and then click "Run anyway". If any other problem is occurring please tell me! You can also always turn windows defender off entirely. Other anti-viruses may also have the problem, but it's only a quick search away. Also, thanks to TheStrikeBone for his solution - use 7zip or WinRAR.

Sorry about that. I created the most recent version at the time of the jam as to avoid this issue, LOL. Anyway, thanks for the feedback! I'm currently working on another level with a new boss.

Posted in Seed comments

This looks so promising! Really good work - it looks really good for a Unity game.

Thinks looks so fun! Absolutely amazing work.

What's the problem, is it an error message from GameMaker?

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You should make this into a kind of Mirror's Edge style game, but completely randomly generated - by that I mean add NPCs of some kind, or a parkour move like wall running to make the game a little more fun than "Hey, this is a cool little thing!" :)

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