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That would be awesome, I just bought Pinefileds a few seconds ago :D.

Hey, wow they are so cute <3.

Have you plans to add additional animations? For example "sleep" and "paw liking" etc.?

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Stumbled upon this too with Godot and the character tilesets. I have to cut off some pixels from every character spritesheet.

Explanation - speaking of the 16x16 Tileset:

- Each character sprite is 16x32. 
- There are 56 sprites in X direction and 20 sprites in Y direction

=> This should sum up to form a spritesheet to be 896x640, instead it is 927x656 with free space to the left and bottom

I don't know how other game engines work around this, but i guess for compatibility reasons, it would be better to remove the free space.
Just a suggestion for improvement ;). You rock LimeZu!

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Awesome! Now the small construction workers can come to life in my current game project, perfectly protected with the helmet :D.

Take your time to let your wrist recover, wish you all the best.

Am I just blind, or does the 2.6 update not contain the sprite sheet for the character editor?

These daily updates are so cool. I'm always excited to see what's next.
Thank you so much!

I love your work :D!

Now that there are pigeons, some kind of stray cat would also be nice :D