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I have no words for this game...It's so...ADORABLE...Beautiful, You had a good Work on 'em Huh... I loved it.

Thanks! It worked! I did the automatic...Because i had no time to do it Or beucase I'm Lazy Bleh >~< But thanks, Really good game but my pc can't hold him when i open it. But it's not your fault or game's itself. It's my pc. I Play games even lagging. Because I'm Crazy, and i don't have a brain. 

I have it, I'll try with the link that the owner send.

EGGNOGG+ community · Created a new topic Mode Button

Why does the "Mode" Button does not appear in the game?


You could try another resolution, if your pc is a potato and you're trying to select this one resolution to get more faster, select an smaller one. Try changing sorry eng bad to another resolution.

Dude, this is the mean of the game. He did it in purpose. You don't need to know the third question of the second notebook. It's not the second one. Baldi's Basics is an Horror game. and he did it in purpose to baldi attack you.

I'm still waiting for the next update.

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It looks like it was copied from Baldi's Basics. But can be not, So you guys can shut up?

No problem! :D

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No problem! I have an easy way to explain this. Gif!

He Just keep doing this and i can't choose quick fight. I open vjoy to fix this problem. But nothing! (i open vjoy to fix the problem of some characters are walking alone, or things like this) and i don't have a controller. vjoy its like a virtual xbox controller. Well anything to help?

edit:Ya, i installed a new windows, so you don't need to reply anymore! Thanks! It's an Amazing game!

Yeah Yeah.

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Please help me!! I want to play this game...

Just download the early version, and delete the older one.

When i started playing it just. Begin selecting everything and changing my character's clothe without i doing nothing...Help i really want to play this game.