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SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON i got an itch to scratch XD

There is at least 3 H-Sex scenes various BJ/HJ scenes its far from ERO as SCC say dont play it if you dont like it.... this is one of the best Sex Games there is esp in the Wizarding world

the game LITUALLY holds ya hand in the journal there is ? which give clues 

you sure u got the right word (or got the right image)

Just curious if you will add more Girls to have sexy time with IE revenge sex plot on Nola Corey... or adding plots with Cho.. or maybe some blackmail plot with those french witches and their teacher caught with Haggrid or may something with Lucius and Narcissa where its sexless marriage and she has a mini game and gets drunk and taken advantage off

So what's new in 6.0?

Oh something to note when i was playing the new parts... (Hermoine as my Waifu) she's ment to be missing yet i went to Griffindor bedrooms and she was there on the bed...

yeah if u can make out at least two of the ingredients i just went through all the others till i got to the one that made something (tho there is one other that can be made too)  

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0.7A was fun to do..... tho Snape betting took me awhile to figure out cant wait for more...side note whats in the poly juice/the other one recipe is not the same as what's in inventory in english so took some working out 

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Loving the game next part needs to hurry up (replaying at mo)... So cos I know about the shells later did that at the prologue obtaining them so was prepared but once I got to that part and even tho completed that quest chain it didn't give me the achievement for it and first part of obtaining them was black crossed and not grey (like it's been completed) so couldn't buy one of the ai clothes

Addendum: tho it didn't compelte I did figure it out for the clothes aspect

I played Space rescue Code pink and was looking for more games and this was suggested.. and OMG absolutely loving it the art is incredible the story is good (tho wish there was more interaction with Hermione that the runes book part) Looking forward to more tho (bonus shower scenes need to be different those all the samey in a way and always with backs to us)