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I will!

I did this and it worked! Maybe I closed out of the game wrong and that's why it got corrupted? I don't know, but I'll be careful about that. At least it was only thirty minutes! Thank you for your time and for helping me!

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Sorry for not responding sooner! I'm playing it on Windows 10, using the Windows version of course. I'm pretty sure I'm using the full game, the version released on August 23rd. I'll try redownloading it again and making sure I have the correct files!

Edit: So I did that. It started up like it has been, showed your credit, 'LOADING', then came to this: . And it stayed there, I just seeing what I knew was the moving starting screen but blurred and not interactable. I waited at least 15 mins and tried clicking a few buttons but no avail.

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I was looking for some new games to play yesterday and saw this, which absolutely caught my interest. I basically made this account to make sure I claimed it. I played for about half a hour and was very excited to keep exploring and seeing what this game offered, but I had to get off to go do something. When I came back, I powered up the game. It was normal, but then it came to the starting screen. But the problem was the starting screen stayed blurred and I couldn't interact with it to start the game to the main menu. I've tried waiting, clicking buttons, and redownloading it. Am I being a bit of a idiot and forgot/am missing something?