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I did catch a lot more typos as I played through the game so yeah, best to wait lol. 

on my mind is that the small font size made it more difficult to read in retrospect, i wish you adjusted the game's viewport to make it fit better

doing a playthrough on this :)

well maybe they're just an unlucky person who got their pants stolen :(

will the full version have more embarrassing mechanics like someone tripping on a wet floor sign, someone naked who has to be away from all sightlines, etc LMAO

this game gets the award of Chess Battle Advanced

I have done a playthrough on this, the reverse drawing concept is honestly so cursed and I'd love to see more


someone created a Baba Is You levelpack that seems maybe inspired off this game? or at least does very similar things hahaha. I did a playthrough on it, maybe would be fun to watch cause it's almost like a big expansion on this game in a way

Chess Battle Advanced

I played it :) 

hi :)

I highly recommend this tscn file.

I personally feel that clicking an object should provide *some* feedback even if it isn't examining the object, at least to let you know it's the most you can do with. But I am biased because I've played so many point-and-clicks where clicking is examination hahaha.

I'm excited for how this game goes anyway, and looking forward to the full version :)

found this game on Steam randomly and this really appeals to me. I did an unlisted demo video. Some feedback:

- I am coming into this thinking that there is going to be less plot than usual and it's just about mystery tricks. After playing it, I'm not that sure anymore :p

- I thought you could examine objects (like in Layton Brothers, which has a somewhat similar concept). The tutorial didn't say anything about examining objects so I had to hesitantly assume I couldn't.

- I would like to expect there are puzzles where you have to tilt your camera to see a certain angle of evidence? One thing I was thinking was "why can't I see inside the cabin, do I maybe have to tilt to look in there" I guess. It would confirm if it was actually possible to hide or go to the roof or something.

- Kind of want to go back and record the failure scenes, my final video's only 4 minutes long and checking the steam page there might be funny visualizations for failing. Which if so, I'd like to include

- kinda hoping one of the final moments involves exiting the house and solving stuff in "the real world", as I assume the diorama is something in-universe lol

happy to hear that :) also i love cheesing games lmao


i covered your game :) 

hi :)

despite that I posted this 9 months ago I realize you might not be aware of it lmao

thanks for making this game called ujhhhhh I think it was _________ right, a bunch of underscores :)

hey, this doesn't include the new levels from the update but I covered this game in this video :)

but yeah, it's a really cool idea that really feels multidimensional, also I enjoy the color scheme you went with hahaha

my late late video post / solution lol

great game and nostalgic Nitrome-esque aesthetic, enjoyed the sokoban recreation level :) the way the music fades not in focus is great too

if you want to see any potential alternate solutions and stuff I've made a playthrough video!



mostly it was confusing to have 3 flags in a single level, seems like an older version had a counter but yeah I'd be fine if there was only one. I feel like selecting fairies/forgetting controls is the part with the most friction I'm noticing but that's mostly all.

this game is really great and I am excited to follow its future development :)

extra video appreciating some more of the game

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hi :) my playthrough here:

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pretty cool game, I covered it here :)

I showed this amazing puzzle in my video here :)

yes :D

thank you olie


only just got linked this now, surprised that I never heard of this even though I heard of the OOT sudoku before :p


very good game :)


thank you thank you :D

new lockpick episode out:

think the idea is that you can spend keys on a door to partially reduce its key count, like if you have 5 keys and touch a 20 cost door, you lose all your keys and the door cost reduces to 15

thank you for the devlog! I wonder if there will be any recap of how the story will be worked in for demo-completers... wait, better not add more to the Unturned Stone Ideas pile D:

I like how I've seen drawing or splicing images to make lockpick levels recently :p as a sort of thing to do when there's no editor

Note that the start of this video, maybe the first few minutes, is an endgame spoiler, but this video I uploaded today is pretty unique in that it covers the history of the game :)