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That thing with dying when hitting the different colored platform is a totally valid design decision. Plus you did a great job on communicating that through the level design. So there is nothing wrong with that. I just did not expect it and that might be grounded in the fact that platformers are a highly saturated genre. That plays into the design decisions and mechanics with the swinging and colors and everything related to it as well. You definitely did a great job implementing all that stuff but for me it is nothing that challenges my way of experiencing or my way of thinking about the genre. I have seen switches and force fields and the importance of colors in other games. Yes, in different combinations and maybe even in different contexts, but just seeing them rearranged and differed does not necessarily make the whole thing unique automatically. What makes a game unique is (at least for me) creating something that I think to have figured out at the beginning and completely flip that expectation upside down on the way to the end.

But don't see this as an attempt to "roast" or degrade your game. After all we only had 48 hours to create a simple prototype and for that you can be very proud of yourselves. A "game" created in a jam is very far away from a final product, it is just the very first idea brought to life. So in regards to your your question: For a game jam you don't need to create the most complex levels. Complexity can be used for leveraging difficulty later on. Uniqueness however is vital for being recognized and standing out of the masses. So you don't necessarily need it in a jam either (unless you try to get the first place), but later down the road it can be the factor that decides between 10 or 10k copies sold.

But long story short: I just wanted to say that, when trying to iterate on what you created, don't just throw together some mechanics headlessly. Challenge the way the player and you yourself as the developer think about them.

I really liked the Portal-esque Visuals of the Cubes and the environment. What I didn't expect was that I would die when touching the different colored platforms, since in the most two-colored platformers usually let you fall through them. And that might be the point of critique that I can make to your game: There are lot of those two-colored platformers out there. They may not have this rope-thing going on (which really was a lot of fun), but that does not add a level of difference for it to be really unique. For a Jam game that is more than fine, especially when keeping in mind that all of this has been made in only two days. If you would like to turn it into a full-sized game however, you should get back to the drawing-board and add more stuff that really makes the gameplay unique.

But despite all that I had fun playing it, the difficulty curve was steep but not too steep and the background music suited the overall game.

Hi and thanks for the kind words. There could definitely be a lot of things that can be added and improved. Maybe I try to find more ideas and continue to work on the concept 🙂

Sure, I will take a look on your submission and try to give feedback.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Yes, it's currently not much more than a concept, that can be extended with stuff like subassemblies on multiple assembly lines or a stock of parts that needs to be refilled and so on. 

Hi and thank you for your feedback!

I haven’t found the time to display controls on the game itself, so I wrote them into the description on the game page: Clicking onto the robots to select them and there pressing the space bar subsequently to change their rhythm. Through clicking agin you come back to the overview.

And the game solving itself might happen since the starting rhythm is random. So it’s rhythm is overlapping with the assembly line sometimes, crating a complete bike under those circumstances. I should have optimized that better to be honest. 😅

And with how it suits the topic: You can find a short statement about that on each submission page above the comments. For me it is the joining the bike parts together.

Oh, I love Voxels! That is a cute little game and a nice idea. Anyhow I recognized that the bar decreases faster and faster over time. So is there a way to win or am I only too bad and their relationship doomed? 😅

That is a funny idea. I Like it!

Only the music was a bit straining after some time. But besides that very well done.

Thanks! Yes I will definitely try to improve the gameplay aspect on my next game.

Thank you very much for your feedback! Yes, you are absolutely right: This isn't the classical game in regards to gameplay and more of an interactive story and therefore not for everyone. But that is okay, maybe I can find a better balance between gameplay and story in my next one :)

Well, I don't think that they necessarily need to be fully modelled and animated 3D Characters. Just little painted faces would have been enough. But it is a game for a game jam (or two jams to be precise ;D). It's just for a later time, when you chose to take this prototype to the next level. And you are welcome for feedback! 

Maybe I am the only one, but with the explanatory text at the first level and the names of each cell the "backstory" looks like they are meant to be humans. And I (as the player) am influencing their fate, either more or less setting them up with one another to connect their abilities/personalities (or I am just imagining things :D). With that in mind I think that there could be something way cooler than this board-gamey artstyle. More of stuff like little player characters moving around a board with houses and stuff like that.

Besides that I really enjoyed the puzzles, even though I was mostly unsure if I took the route you really planned (since I didn't always use all the cards provied). Plus your music choice is really great. So keep on developing this further. I think this game has potential once you fleshed it out!

Oh, wow! Thank you for your kind words! Reading something like that motivates me. Yeah, it really turned out to be more of a playable movie. But I like that kind of games, so I would say that is a good thing. The audio part was scheduled to be the very last thing and fell of in the end because of the time limit. Whatever ... next time :D

Sure! I was planning to do that anyways :)

Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah, I actually played with the idea but it would have taken to much time to realize in this short time, so I skipped this part. :)

Super cute art style! I can see how the time limit took its toll in this one (can relate to that haha). But I can definitely appreciate the potential and effort put into it.

And see it as that: You were one of the few people who even turned in something working! So keep on doing stuff!

Fun puzzle game! Unfortunately a little bit short, but that is a surely a result of the short amount of time available to create it. Definitely an idea that you should explore further. For that case just a little tip: Maybe it would make sense to add more shapes that stay across all or a few time intervals. That would help to estimate your position inside of the level better and prevent disorientation when switching.

But despite that definitely worth the play!

Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree with you!

Will keep it in mind for the next time :)

Cute little Pixel Art Game. I liked the crafting mechanics!

Plain, simple and effective! A bit more of a backstory wouldn't be bad. But since this is more of a little prototype, you could build onto that! :)

Thank you very much! I will keep that in mind! :)

Love the soundtrack! Really suits the mood of a grumpy old man :D

For me there could have been more checkpoints but that might be a preference. Plus in the second level you gained this spiderman-like ability with which you could gitch through walls. But since you wrote something about that thing in the first level I assume, that you just forgot/didn't have the time to remove it. Seven Days are just not enough :D

But despite all that I enjoyed playing it! So keep up your good work! ;)

Thank you for your rating! I planned to do the music/sounds at the very end, but a problem with exporting the project from Unreal took me like an hour to fix. Whatever ... next time I do that first! Lessons learned! ;)