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Oh, wow! Thank you for your kind words! Reading something like that motivates me. Yeah, it really turned out to be more of a playable movie. But I like that kind of games, so I would say that is a good thing. The audio part was scheduled to be the very last thing and fell of in the end because of the time limit. Whatever ... next time :D

Sure! I was planning to do that anyways :)

Thank you for your feedback!

Yeah, I actually played with the idea but it would have taken to much time to realize in this short time, so I skipped this part. :)

Thanks for your feedback. I totally agree with you!

Will keep it in mind for the next time :)

Thank you very much! I will keep that in mind! :)

Thank you for your rating! I planned to do the music/sounds at the very end, but a problem with exporting the project from Unreal took me like an hour to fix. Whatever ... next time I do that first! Lessons learned! ;)