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Is there really a 19-day gap between events after day 35?

Wait, it's not out yet?  I bought it thinking I got the full game, do I need to buy it again?

Your art's improved a lot!

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Sean Chiplock?!?!?

When I say "avoid him", I mean, meet up with him but react submissively, i.e., not straightforward/blunt, dodgy. Choose to leave instead of telling him his argument woke you up, for example.

Might play this again, it was super hot and funny.

I don't think David's route has an ending yet, but yes, if you put in the work, you'll see him in your dream near the end of the demo.

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Been playing around with the 2.8 version. If you go to David's office on the right night, you can see Norman masturbating through the window. David will catch you and you can choose to say you weren't doing anything or that you wanted to talk to him. You also have the option to walk in on him in the gym before this if you like. Another night, you can walk in on him in the gym and work out with him + shower.

David's route is still pretty difficult, you have to actively say no to or avoid the other guys and spend as much time as possible with him, and I think you might also have to fix the truck.

If you get the truck fixed and go out on Day 7  (8?) you can go to the river (if you press Ignore on the exception error) and after you take a nap, you'll drive to a gas station and a shirtless hunk will fill up the truck and ask you to say hi to Norman for him. If you go to the alleyway in the town, then spend time at the restaurant, you can catch a thug bullying a kid in an alley. Beat him in a fight, and you have the option to blackmail him for sex in order to avoid arrest. Or, you can go to the bar and meet Phil the bartender.

If you perform the Kevin route as detailed above in 2.8, an extra day 16 is added where Kevin asks you to meet him in his room.

Wait, so the game is finished?

Haven't been able to get anything with Norman masturbating, but I did see David showering. It doesn't go anywhere that I've been able to find, though, the player character just nopes away.

What day does this happen on?

This premise looks so bizarre but I'm still gonna play it.

Not fond of the vapors coming out of the dude's pits and ballsack. Hunky guy, though.

Alright, you've got my attention. Love the art style and the colors.

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Hot, yo. I thought Randy Orton as a hairy guy was a bit mis-matched, but I didn't care, cuz hey, Randy Orton! DeShawn was probably my favorite little adventure. Can't wait for more content~!

Oh, hell yeah! I can't wait to play this, I love My Soldiers, so I'm looking forward to seeing what else you've got up your sleeve.

Since making this thread, I've compiled a few details from several playthroughs:
-> Your tour will be with Thomas or David. The end result is the same, but if you go back and wait for David the second time you're prompted on the Thomas tour, Norman will join in to greet you in your room.
-> Most days you have the choice of going in early (Norman Route?) or waiting to go with Thomas (Thomas' Route). You'll usually be offered the choice to go to dinner with Thomas, too. Not going doesn't make a difference except you lose some Thomas points.
-> Thomas' route is "easy mode" in that he's always easy to locate and spend time with. He will confess love to you on the final day if you gathered enough points with him. You can still screw it up, though--be too sympathetic to Charlie (who he doesn't like), or take the "spanking" prank too far, and he will get upset with you and you may end up closing off the route.
-> Kevin has a minor route, but it's tricky. You have to meet him every time he's available and you have to pick the right choices. Kevin is gruff, and his choices tend to be split into "bold" or "retreat", but he responds best if you pick the retreat options and avoid him. He's dressing in the locker room on the evening of Day 5 (Friday), and day 6 will offer you the chance to watch him and his girlfriend argue. If, both times, you avoided confronting him, he'll be available to help you with the truck on the same afternoon IF (and only if) you ask Thomas to help you first, then choose Kevin when prompted since Thomas recommends someone else's help.  Find him again and respond submissively on Day 8 when he's in the bathroom, and on Day 10, you can find him in the shower, where he'll confront you. When he asks you why you avoid him, if you say "you're cold", you'll close off the route and continue as normal. If you say "I don't know", the game will skip to a camping trip on Day 15, where you'll room with Kevin and can press him to tell you why he's cold to you, which he responds to with a kiss. This closes off the route (and the game ends) for now. There are other scenes with Kevin, but if you're seeing them, your chance to get this scene has passed.
-> Successfully fixing the truck with Kevin's help will open up some other non-Base areas to explore on certain select days. There are other people to meet out here, but I've yet to be able to meet up with any of them more than once.
-> Norman and David seem to have routes, but I haven't found that paying them special attention leads anywhere.
-> IMPORTANT: The game will skip days or weeks at a time depending on how you're doing. Days 6-8 will repeat until you appear to have chosen a route to pursue. You can skip to Day 10 after Day 6 if the game deems you have chosen Thomas' route that early. Performing Kevin's route correctly will skip you to Day 15 after Day 10. After reaching Day 13, the game will skip ahead to Day 21 (Thomas Route) or 29 (after Thomas Route Day 22 or no route chosen) and the game will end there.

Corrections and additions are welcome!

No, you just click the door and leave.

Dude, this game's friggin' impossible, even on Liesure Mode. The blue bar stops moving entirely once it's 4/5 of the way up.


This is definitely the most eye-catching gay game on my feed, but it does feel a bit blind, being able to access some scenes without realizing what I did or not understanding why it didn't trigger the second time. I'd even take just a list of characters/route and a general nudge as to how to play nice with them (since I still wanna figure it out mostly on my own).

Looking forward to more of this. The art style is REALLY attractive, and I like the voices.

Haha! This was really sexy. I love gruff detective-type dudes and I love big hunky men, this was enjoyable.

Really enjoyed what I found so far, can't wait for more.

Well, if that wasn't the weirdest thing I've played this week. I almost never expect anything in full 3D, much less involving spellcasting. I definitely wouldn't mind if this expanded to become a full-length serial.

Hokawazu is very clearly a Kanji Tatsumi fan. I very much approve.

Sexed up Fabius on the first run and solved the case on the second! Now I just need to be good enough to do both.

I was kind of shocked with the short length, to be honest. Will there be a follow-up/sequel? Or more games of this style? I'd be happy to play more from these folks.