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Making an intro sequence, perhaps?

This is where I will be hosting the game, so all updates will be at this link.

Anyone know how I can tell a browser to cache an image?

Two places that might have at least minimal interactivity: First, branching within conversations. Second, moving around the power plant. Again, I am trying to think through how I want to have the player move through the plant, and I might want to err on the side of abstract in order to save time on making assets.

Looks like I actually have to do this now, eh? Well, at least it's linear. I can do linear. In fact, there might not really be much "game" to this, but in the end, I guess my goal is always to give the sense of having visited a space. But I do know that actually moving around a space requires me to create a lot of assets. So I may have to get creative on that front.

My initial thought is to use the structure (just the structure) of a traditional JRPG: The "level" is a straight line from beginning to end. There are two mini-bosses and a final boss between you and the end. And perhaps there are little inconsequential enemies dotted along the line as well.

The "level" is the tower (power plant). The goal is to get to the top. Or maybe the center.

The bosses will be the three guardians of the plant. Defeat the three guardians to win the game. Now, you aren't the one who will be fighting the battles. Your partner, in his tiny offensive apartment, will do all of the fighting for you. In fact, you may be entirely in the role of moral support (healing). You can't see well enough to fight effectively anyway. You certainly won't be fighting the trash mobs, but perhaps you will have some input on the bosses.

To reiterate, this is a hybrid text and graphical adventure, and will be written in straight HTML/CSS/JavaScript/JQuery. The interaction will be mostly "click to see the next thing."

Random Game Seed: 16262210146
Random Game Idea: A linear game where a nearsighted runaway explores a mountainous power plant with the smallest offensive apartment, but it's all a big secret.

Title: And When I Could No Longer Walk With Any Great Efficacy, I Carried Myself Up The Steps Of Babel
Idea: A text adventure in which you have been split into two versions of yourself: your normal self, and an additional teeny tiny version of yourself. You need to carry your teeny tiny self in his teeny tiny apartment through the enormous Babel power plant in order to reach its core, in the hope that the power therein can re-unite the two of yourself again. Of course, you are horribly nearsighted, and so the tiny version of yourself needs to direct you through the plant.