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5 stars on everything ! Animation was smooth and polished , it was a fun and challenging game , the sounds were great , the visual effects you added , the colors the theme , everything was perfect , you nailed it .  I think its my favorite game so far in the zanga. I struggled with the boss but I loved every second of it.  Great job ! 

Oh !! First thanks for your feedback  . The level with the second key was the last level , had to make it more frustrating lol if you passed that part before you rage you would have beaten the game . I'm glad you like it though and thanks for your support. 

Hey ! Thank you for giving it the time. Yea I wanted to make a mini rage game , glad you enjoyed it. I played your game it was very creative and cool. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future , thanks for the feedback ! 

شكرا على التقييم اخي , صحيح الموسيقى حزينة و كنت ابحث عن موسيقى تعطي انطباع ان الشخصية في  مكان منعزل و خطر, ولكن يبدو انني لم اوفق في الخيار , thank you for your feedback !

Thank you appreciate the feedback , جزاك الله خير

Thank you for your kind comments !

I loved it , cool concept , really impressive 

Thanks ! Appreciate the support  ,glad you enjoyed it.