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A member registered May 04, 2017

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Seem to be working now. Thanks!

It's definitely not a memory leak as I haven't died and haven't even passed the second area. When I enter area 3 of level 2, I get the first Execution error, but I can ignore it and keep playing, though there's no background. Same with the second Execution Error. In the area after that, where I assume there's a boss, I get the final Error. If I ignore it, it keeps happening. I checked the files and couldn't find the obj_scene_skip in any of the folders.

I do enjoy the game. Other than these issues I think it's very well done, so I'm hoping we can find a fix instead of a refund.

EXECUTION ERROR in creation code of room room2_pre
Error in code at line 3:
background_index[0] = global.background23;
at position 31: Unknown variable background23


EXECUTION ERROR in creation code of room room_scene2
Error in code at line 4:
background_index[0] = global.background24;
at position 31: Unknown variable background24


action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_scene_skip:

Trying to draw non-existing sprite.

I'm getting lots of bugs. I can't get past even level 2 without errors. Backgrounds don't appear, certain enemies don't appear, and then I get error about sprites.