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Thanks for the interest! I'm having a very good time developing it.

I came looking for silver, but I found gold! What I noticed is that in the first few levels, the basic mechanics are taught. The rest of the levels make you put what you learned to use. I like this a lot!

The Positives:

Beautiful graphics! As I’ve said in another review/critique, I’m a huge fan of simplistic and pixel graphics. 

The music adds atmosphere to the game. I feel relaxed while listening to it while playing the game. 

The puzzles were fun and easy to pick up on with logical thinking. 

The Negatives:

Controls took some time to figure out, particularly jumping. It’s good that you included some of them on the game’s page and in the game. 

The credits screen at the end appeared for a fraction of a second before switching to the main menu. 

Conclusion & Advice:

You should include which key is for jumping in the game or on the game’s webpage. 

The credits screen should appear for a longer period or include a button to show the screen on the main screen. Both options would work. 

Here’s my opinion: 

The graphics and music were beautiful! Music absolutely is a major factor in making a game enjoyable. If the music isn’t enjoyable, it’ll impact the game negatively. 

The puzzles were fun to figure out. I like how you included a button to reset the level if you messed up. 

The story, although short, is clear and easy to understand. It also includes the main game mechanics, switching between night and day, which I think is great. I would encourage you to expand upon this and add more content, such as levels and the story. Having the levels tied in with the story would be amazing! 

Overall, a beautiful game with plenty of potential! As with every game, there are things to be fixed. Nevertheless, well done on creating a game and publishing it!

Hey! I saw your comment on my entry to the Jam. I'll be writing a review/critique for your game.

Do you have a Discord account? If so, can you tell me the name so I can send you DMs?

Thanks for your critique! I did notice that it was repetitive and that you could spam one moon the entire time. I used this project more to learn to build a game than win. I may continue this project in the future, I think it has potential to be a great Idle Clicker.

My apologizes! In the future there will be MacOS builds, and Linux if needed.

Thanks for your comment! I'll check out your jam game next.

The Positives: 

The animations of the bat and snake bring life to the game.

The music is a nice addition, it also adds life.

The Negatives: 

Controls were hard to figure out. How do I eat the animals? Do I have to press a specific key? 

10 seconds doesn’t feel like enough time to figure out the controls and get to all the animals/objects that need to be eaten. 

Conclusion & Advice: 

Either on the game’s web page or in the main menu, you should state what the controls are. 


Increase the 10 second timer to 20 so that players have more time to learn the controls and play the game before the level resets. 


I quite enjoyed the animations and music. I think that both bring lots of life to a game. Like any game, there are things that need to be improved. But nevertheless, great work on building and publishing a game! It takes time and effort to do both and having the commitment to do so is admirable. 

I gave this a try and for the most part it was great, but the controls were very hard to get used to. Having "Z" as the jump key and WASD not being the move key was very frustrating.